Is it Possible to Find Egg Donors Who Possess Qualities You See in Yourself?

“Oh! She looks just like you!”

Every parent dreams of the day when they have a child that resembles them or their partner. It’s part of human nature to want to see yourself in your offspring.

But same-sex couples or couples who face infertility don’t always get that chance. For a variety of reasons, they aren’t able to have babies traditionally.

This is where egg donation comes in. Egg donation is an incredible gift for those who want to have a biological connection to their children, but aren’t able to have kids on their own.

Let’s take a closer look at how the egg donor process works and how you can find the perfect donor who possesses all the qualities you want.

Getting Started

Getting started is the easy part. The first step is to find an egg donor agency you can trust. And trust us, not all egg donor agencies are created equal. 

Find an agency that cares about both their intended parents and their donors. How they treat both their clients and their donors will say a lot about how they do business. Do they listen to the IP’s concerns along with treating their donors fairly? 

A reputable agency will understand the importance of making sure that everyone involved in the egg donor process is valued, respected, and taken care of. 

Also, make sure that any agency you work with adheres to the highest industry standards set by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Egg Donor Database

Once you’ve chosen a reputable egg donor agency, you’ll receive access to their egg donor database. This is where they show all the women who have decided that they’re willing to donate their eggs. 

These women have already been screened and vetted so you can be sure that they’re ready to go as soon as you are. 

Take your time and read through the profiles and get to know these women. While you may not have a personal relationship with them, you can get a feel for who they are from the information they offer.

If any donors pique your interest, take note. Make a list of the women who give an excellent first impression.

Narrowing it Down

With so many quality donors to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down. This is where the intended parents need to consider what’s essential for them when it comes to their family planning.

Physical Traits

Remember that your baby will be genetically connected to this woman. Your child will get some of her physical traits. This is where you can choose what qualities are important to pass on.

Some intended parents want their children to be of a certain race. If you’re of Asian descent, it’s only natural you would want your child to share those traits. Just be aware that Asian donors, Jewish donors, and donors from the Middle East are hard to find and may be more expensive than other donors. 

Our suggestion is to try to find a biracial woman. It’s usually easier to find a donor who is Asian-American or is American with some Middle Eastern heritage. This is because many of the current attitudes toward egg donation in those parts of the world make it unsafe for women to donate their eggs.  

Aside from race, some intended parents want their child to have blue eyes like their partner or curly hair like their mother and sisters. If you choose a donor with those qualities, there’s a higher chance of those traits being passed on.

But, remember there are no guarantees of precisely what genes your baby may or may not get.

Interests and Talents

Family units are usually made up of individuals who have similar interests and talents. Even if you enjoy doing different activities than other members of your family or feel you have nothing in common, you probably can find something to connect with at some level. 

Whether you like it or not, families share DNA, making them connected in one way or another — even if it’s something small like loving the same holiday movie.

Most of our intended parents will look for donors who have similar interests and talents as they do. This increases the percentage that their child will share those same interests. 

Our general guideline is this: if the donor seems like a woman you’d like to spend time with and get to know better, she is probably a good match.

Take Your Time

Choosing an egg donor is a big decision. Take your time. Keep looking until you find the donor that feels right. 

You also may find that you and your partner have different preferences about what is important and what’s not. You’ll have to communicate and compromise with each other until you find a match you both feel good about. 

No matter where you are on your egg donor journey, we’re here to help. Let us guide you through the process. We can talk you through your decisions and help take some of the pressure off. 

We’re here by your side until you find the perfect donor with all the qualities you’re looking for.  Call us today to learn more.


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