What Surrogates May Expect Post-Delivery

Surrogacy is a complex and deeply personal journey that involves a surrogate mother carrying a child for another individual or couple. While the focus is often on the pregnancy and delivery, it is important to remember that the post-delivery period is just as important. Surrogates may experience a range of emotions and physical changes during this time, and it is important for them to be prepared for what to expect.

Physical Changes

After delivering a baby, the surrogate’s body will go through a number of physical changes as it adjusts to no longer being pregnant. These changes may include vaginal bleeding and discharge, soreness, and fatigue. It is important for surrogates to rest as much as possible during this time, as their bodies will need time to recover from the pregnancy and delivery.

Postnatal visits will occur during this period.  Most surrogacy contracts dictate that all postnatal medical is covered by the intended parents for a minimum of three months and in many cases longer.

Emotional Changes

The postpartum period can also be a time of emotional upheaval for surrogates. While the surrogacy experience can feel empowering for many, there are some that may experience feelings of sadness, grief, or loss of purpose after delivering the baby. It is important for surrogates to have a support system in place to help them navigate these emotions. This can include friends, family, and mental health professionals who are familiar with the unique challenges of surrogacy.  Experienced surrogacy agencies and professionals will be able to assist surrogates who may need additional support during the postpartum period.

Bonding with the Baby

One of the most challenging aspects of surrogacy is the potential for the surrogate to develop a bond with the baby she is carrying. While some surrogates are able to maintain a healthy emotional distance from the baby throughout the pregnancy and delivery, others may find it difficult to let go. After the delivery, surrogates may experience feelings of sadness or loss as they say goodbye to the baby they carried for months. It is important for intended parents to be understanding and supportive during this time, as the surrogate may need time to process her emotions and come to terms with the end of the surrogacy journey.

Some surrogacy arrangements may anticipate this issue by incorporating visitation time into their gestational surrogacy agreement.  Surrogacy agencies also anticipate this issue at the matching phase by ensuring all parties share the same expectations when it comes to relationship post birth.

Legal Considerations

Depending on a number of factors, there may be legal considerations to address post birth. Although the majority of gestational surrogacy cases will have pre-birth orders, meaning that all legal work is essentially completed pre-birth, there are some cases where post-birth orders are necessary.  This will typically involve the intended parents working with an attorney to establish legal parentage and obtain a birth certificate for the baby. Surrogates may need to sign legal documents relinquishing their parental rights.  Many times this is easily handled with a notary coming directly to the delivery hospital to sign documents that have already been drafted.

Moving Forward

After the legal and emotional aspects of surrogacy have been addressed, the surrogate and intended parents can begin to move forward with their lives. Some surrogates may choose to remain in touch with the intended parents and the baby, while others may prefer to move on and focus on their own lives. Regardless of what the future holds, it is important for all parties involved to reflect on the surrogacy journey and feel proud of what they accomplished together.

The post-delivery period can sometimes be a challenging time for surrogates as they navigate physical and emotional changes, legal considerations, and the end of the surrogacy journey. It is important for surrogates to have a strong support system in place and to take time to process their emotions. With the right care and attention, surrogacy can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for all involved.  To learn more about surrogacy with Elevate, whether becoming a surrogate or finding a surrogate, please contact us at info@elevatebaby.com


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