All About Egg Donation

Elevate Egg donors are generous, altruistic, bright, healthy women who have the desire to help couples who can’t conceive on their own. These incredible women are giving a gift to someone that is incomparable. Donors are selfless women who are willing to part with a little of their genetic material to assist someone’s dream to be a parent.

But what are the qualifications and what can you expect in regards to the treatment during your cycle? With so much information online, it can be tricky to navigate through the good, the bad, and the confusing.

If you’re considering donating your eggs, but aren’t sure where to start- then we’ve got the guide for you. From what qualifications are necessary to what kind of timeline you can expect, here are some key elements of egg donation:

1. Qualifications for Egg Donation

At Elevate, our donors are rigorously screened and highly vetted. This means a few things for women interested egg donation. To qualify for egg donation, you should be between 20-30 and have a health body mass index. 

Donors should have a good health history with no major outstanding health issues in their family history. A donor should be mentally sharp with no signs of psychological damage or depression. 

Donors at Elevate are educated, or are actively pursuing an education. We love an egg donor who is driven and intelligent. You don’t have to have attended and ivy league school, but we do prize hard work, great test scores and ambitious young women.

2. Compensation Nation

For the amazing gift you are offering another human, you should be given a gift in return. The best way intended parents can show their appreciate for your egg donation is by compensating you.

You should feel fantastic about receiving compensation for your physical, emotional, and time commitment the couple and this process. At Elevate, we do our best to ensure our donors are compensated at a healthy rate that ideally helps them in their own path in this life. 

Regardless of what you may need to use the money for, we hope it assists you in getting to where you want to be in life. Some donors use the compensation to pay down student debt or loans, while others take some of the compensation to go on a fancy-free vacation. 

3. Fully Committed

Egg donation requires commitment. If you decide to become a donor and are accepted into the Elevate program, it is important that you follow through with your offer to help a couple in need.

As you being down the road to egg donation, the intended parents will be investing in you substantially. From flights, hotels, blood work and doctors appointments, they will be spending ample amounts to screen you and ensure you’re good to go.

It is important that as they put their trust in you, you come through for them and fulfill your side of the agreement. If you have any concerns about your willingness to complete a cycle, then becoming an egg donor may not be for you.

4. Ready, Jet-Set, GO!

Some donors wish to stay local to their hometowns and find place that is easy and convenient for them to donate.  This is absolutely doable in many cases. However, many intended parents are already working with fantastic, top of the line fertility clinics on either the west or wast coast. 

If you have some flexibility in your schedule, we can match you with a wonderful set of intended parents who are receiving IVF treatment in a beautiful location. We pay for flights, a lovely hotel, per diem, and Ubers for you and your companion to go stay near the clinic during the time of your donation. 

This makes egg donation an enjoyable venture that can also be a lot of fun. From San Diego and San Francisco to Miami or New York and Chicago, you can get to know an amazing city and eat out plenty while you perform this generous act.

5. The Treatment

Aside from consistent love, care, and TLC from our team at Elevate and the intended parents you are matched with, you will also undergo hormone treatment. Eggs donors under go nine days of injectable hormones, followed by an actual egg retrieval on the ninth day of treatment. 

IVF treatment for donors usually calls for a combination of three different hormones to stimulate your resting follicles. Every woman has resting follicles in her ovaries that are capable of producing eggs. The art of egg donation is stimulating those follicles at once for a retrieval of said eggs.

Depending on your clinic, a mix of naturally occurring hormones in your body are administered in various amounts. We partner with clinics that not only error on the side of the lowest stimulation possible for the ultimate care of your ovaries, we also don’t use clinics with high rates of over stimulating donors.

6. Retrieval Ready

The retrieval turns out to be one of the easiest aspects of donating your eggs. Elevate donors have stated that the retrieval was much less involved and serious than they thought it would be. The retrieval lasts about an hour, and involved light anesthesia.

Your doctor uses a tiny tube to aspirate your ovaries and retrieve the eggs your amazing body has grown. After your retrieval you may want some downtime or some R&R. You can go at your own speed, and then take yourself out to dinner that night and reward yourself for your selfless service.

Elevating Your Donor Experience

At Elevate, we will be with you every step of the way. Our team offers highly responsive, customized care for your journey as a donor. We will build your process around you. We want to ensure you also get great satisfaction and joy out of your experience.

The intended parents who utilize Elevate are truly amazing humans and couples. They are established, smart, sound, loving people who just want to have a child. They are turning to IVF treatment and to you to help them on their way. 

If you’d like to experience the joy of egg donation and compensation through Elevate, contact us today for a consult with our donor specialist.


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