Elevate is a full service agency, it is our goal to make this process as simple and stress free as possible while updating you with all progress.  We handle everything from setting up your donor’s screening and all medical appointments, booking all travel, handling insurance coverage, arranging all legal work, booking companion travel, scheduling monitoring appointments, providing full accounting, and acting as a liaison between all third party providers involved in the process including nurse coordinators, physicians, psychologists, genetic counselors, and attorneys (to name a few). 

Donor compensations vary from donor to donor, but they are typically $8500-$12000 for first time donors.  Proven donors are $12,000 and up. International models and Ivy League graduates tend to have a higher compensation rate too. If there is a specific donor you are interested in, I can let you know the exact compensation.

We personally screen our donors through a multi-step process to ensure donor commitment and verify submissions.  This includes a one on one consult, a Personal Health History, submissions of previous health records/genetic testing, criminal background checks and multiple stages of contract commitment.  We follow all ASRM and Seeds Union of Ethics guidelines in the recruitment and screening of our donors.

Once a first time donor is matched she will immediately undergo a Psychological Assessment and undergo an extensive Genetic Report with a licensed genetic counselor.  Some intended parents request an AMH level test before proceeding, and we always accommodate that.

Genetic Carrier Mutation testing will be done at your physician’s office, as well as an Antral Follicle Count (AFC)

Previous Donors will already have all these records and will be able to proceed immediately.  Records can be shared with your IVF clinic, and the third-party testing services will not have to be paid.

Each IVF clinic is different and requires donors to be present for different amounts of time for their retrieval trips.  We try very, very hard to limit that amount of time.  A 5-7 day trip is ideal, although some clinics require more (sometimes up to 9 or 10, although that is rare.). An initial evaluation trip is typically around $1500.  Retrieval trips can usually be estimated at around $600 per day (major metropolitan areas may be a bit more).  All unused travel funds are refunded within 30 days following a retrieval and a full accounting report may be requested at any time.

Thank you for considering Elevate to be part of your journey.  We hope we can be of assistance.


What’s involved in the California screening process to become a donor?

All egg donors must be between the ages of 19-30, have a BMI <28, be a non-smoker, and undergo a series of psychological and medical evaluations to determine suitability. All evaluations involved in the screening process are paid for by either the agency or intended parents.

As an egg donor, will the recipients know me or ever meet me?

That is up to you! Some egg donors prefer to be anonymous, while others may want to have a more open relationship with their intended parents. Whatever you preference is, Elevate will work on your behalf to meet your expectations.

In California, can I donate my eggs to an agency more than once?

All donors, regardless of their geographic location and nationality may donate up to six times as recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).