Surrogacy Compensation

Gestational surrogacy is not only a rewarding experience for the surrogate mother, it is an essential service to intended parents who dream of building their families. It is our hope that while you are performing such a generous act for another family, that your own family can greatly benefit as well. While there are innumerable rewarding benefits to becoming a surrogate, financial considerations are an important piece of the puzzle. We value the selfless, compassionate women we bring on as surrogates and ensure you are well-compensated for your commitment to this special process.


At Elevate, we allow our surrogates to name their own compensation rates. Your compensation package and contract can be totally customized and as unique as you are individually! Factors such as employment, previous experience as a surrogate, health insurance, and the state you reside in typically play a large role in your compensation amount. Our team is happy to work alongside you to find a base compensation rate that works for you and your family.

Base compensation is paid monthly throughout your journey, beginning the first month following a heartbeat confirmation of pregnancy.


As an agency we work to combine as many extra line items and “allowances” into your base compensation as possible. This helps keep things more transparent for you as a surrogate, and more upfront for your intended parents. But what about the small expenses that accrue throughout your journey?

In addition to your base pay, our surrogates are entitled to a non-accountable monthly allowance of $300 for the duration of their pregnancy. Your allowance covers small costs throughout the month like mileage to your appointments, parking costs, prenatal vitamins, childcare for appointments, and any other miscellaneous costs. Wherever possible, we give you what you need ahead of time, saving you the headache of turning in countless receipts for reimbursement throughout your journey.


*SIGN ON BONUS* $750 bonus released after medical clearance!

Multiples Fee: $7,500 extra in base compensation for each additional fetus

Doula Allowance: $1,500 for you to hire a birth doula, should you choose to

Maternity Clothing Allowance: $750 from your base pay

Med Start Fee: $750 from your base pay

Mock Cycle Fee: $500 in addition to your base pay

Embryo Transfer Fee: $1000 from your base pay

Invasive Procedure: $1000 in addition to your base pay

C-section Fee: $2,500 in addition to your base pay

Breastmilk Fee: $250 weekly for pumping breastmilk

And more!