How Long Should I Expect the Surrogacy Process to Take?

At Elevate we work tirelessly to care for our intended parents and surrogates throughout their journey.

You’ve waited long enough to be able to build your family.

So much longer can you expect to wait through the surrogacy process?

Breaking Down the Surrogacy Process

Initial Consultation- 1 Week

The first step towards your surrogacy journey begins with a scheduled intended parent consult with one of our team members. In your consult, we learn more about your specific goals so that we can start preparing your perfect match.

Matching- 2 Months

Your consultation and completion of our matching questionnaire helps us identify your unique needs and match criteria for the journey ahead. From location, lifestyle, to communication preferences: we consider every aspect of your experience before pairing you with one of our generous, well-qualified surrogate candidates.

Match Meet- 1 Day

After curating your perfect match and making sure all parties feel comfortable and ready to proceed, it’s time to for us to help you “meet” your match! We arrange the video chat call and help you facilitate your first open dialogue with your surrogate match.

Medical Screening- 4-6 Weeks

After your match meet, you will be assigned a case manager from our team to follow you and your surrogate through the coming months. Next, your surrogate will complete physical screening at your selected fertility clinic.

Legal Clearance- 1-2 Months

After receiving medical clearance, you will begin drafting and completing the surrogacy contract with your dedicated and experienced attorney. 

Medication Start- 2 Weeks

In the weeks after completing legal clearance, your surrogate will wait to begin hormone injections on the first day of her period. She will attend several monitoring appointments as her hormone levels increase and the embryo transfer date approaches.

Embryo Transfer- 1 Day

After traveling to your fertility clinic, your surrogate will undergo the embryo transfer and start her journey of carrying your most precious cargo!

Pregnancy and Beyond- 9+ Months

After your successful embryo transfer, the best wait begins! We will follow the needs of both you and your selected gestational carrier throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

Ready to find your perfect surrogate match? We look forward to walking this journey with you.


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