Things To Know About Egg Donor Disqualification

Our team here at Elevate Egg Donor Agency is honored to work everyday with generous women who are willing to help families achieve their dream of having a child. We strive to find women who are kind, talented, and intelligent from all different kinds of backgrounds to be egg donors.

To determine if egg donation is a right fit for you, we have made a list of important qualifications to consider before you start the process. If you have any questions about your ability to be an egg donor, you can contact us here or keep reading to learn more about things you can do to become qualified.

Disqualifications for Egg Donors

To give hopeful families the best chance at a successful donation process, there are disqualifications that potential donors need to be aware of. These guidelines ensure that the donor is healthy, dependable, and committed so that the parents have the best chance at optimal results. Below is a list of some of the most common disqualifiers for women going through the egg donation application process.

  • Younger than 20 or older than 30

  • Body Mass Index over 26

  • Nicotine or Recreational Drug Use

  • Untreated Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Inheritable Genetic Disorders

  • Low Anti Mullerian Hormone levels or Antral Follicle Count

  • Schedules that lack flexibility or the ability to take 5-7 days off for your retrieval trip

  • Inability to provide proof of achievements or test scores

  • Discriminates against any type of non-traditional families

  • Heavy lines of mental illness or or cancer in family history

  • Non-commitment or inability to be punctual for appointments

  • Can not administer self-injections for retrieval cycle medications

  • Uses medication for ADD or ADHD

This list may seem daunting at first, but many times it only takes small changes to be able to qualify for the egg donation process again.

How to Better Prepare and Qualify for Egg Donation

Although some factors like health history or your age can’t be changed, there are other disqualifiers that can be. With a small shift in daily routines, you could quickly become a qualified candidate for the egg donation process.

  • Abstain from nicotine and recreational drug use

  • Get regular physical exams and pap smears to monitor your general and reproductive health

  • Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to maintain a normal BMI

  • Commit fully to the process and be on time to appointments

  • Wait until your schedule becomes more flexible to be able to accommodate the process

If you have any doubts, we are still happy to review your application and provide insight into your specific circumstances. If there are things that can be changed so that you can qualify, our Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates will help you create a plan so that you can become a donor. In the end, if certain life circumstances don’t allow you to, we are grateful to any woman who is willing to do such a special thing for another family in need. You can also give us a call if you have any other questions at (323) 933-8918.


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