Surrogacy for Military Families: Unique Considerations

Becoming a surrogate is one of the most selfless acts a woman can partake in for intended parents who wish to build a family. Many women who are members of military families answer the call to become surrogates. However, there are some unique considerations that should be addressed before a surrogate who is in a military family takes the first step in her journey.

Elevate Baby helps surrogate mothers feel supported and confident throughout each step of their journey by ensuring they have a full picture of what to expect before they are matched with intended parents. Our surrogacy professionals understand that is especially true for surrogates who come from military families. Our goal is to ensure that the overall experience is positive and joyful by providing surrogates with a full breakdown of what to expect and any unique considerations that may come with being a surrogate in a military family. 

What to Consider as a Potential Surrogate in a Military Family

Surrogacy offers women the unique opportunity to provide the gift of hope to intended parents who have dreamt of welcoming a child into their families. While each surrogate’s circumstances are unique, those who come from a military family may face some unique considerations that should be discussed and understood prior to going through the matching process

These unique considerations include the following:

  • You Have to Stay in One Place: It is no secret that military families move around a lot and sometimes have to relocate at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, this type of frequent relocation is not ideal for the surrogacy journey and surrogates must not be not deployed or relocated after 12 weeks gestation. 
  • Our Professionals Can Help You Request to Avoid Relocation: At Elevate Baby, our surrogacy professionals are here to help in any way we can throughout your surrogacy journey. This means we can help you write letters to military officers explaining the situation and the importance of staying in one location. 
  • Understanding Insurance Needs: As a member of a military family, you are aware that TriCare insurance covers all military families. However, this type of insurance is not surrogacy friendly. As a result, different insurance arrangements will have to be made and paid for by the intended parents you are matched with.

In addition to these unique considerations, before becoming a surrogate, you should also ask yourself if you are prepared to make sacrifices to your time and your own family as you carry a child to term to the intended parents you are matched with. To learn more about your eligibility as a surrogate with our agency and how being a part of a military family may come into play during your journey, contact Elevate Baby today.

Become a Surrogate With Elevate Baby Today

At Elevate Baby, surrogates are often excited and ready to begin their journey by being matched with intended parents. While potential surrogates may be ready to immediately jump into the process, when they work with our professionals, we will ensure they understand the unique considerations that may come with being a surrogate in a military family. 

Our team of surrogacy professionals goes above and beyond to make sure that all surrogates feel supported and confident in their decision to move forward with the process. Contact us today for more information regarding becoming a surrogate as a member of a military family by calling (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form.


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