Surrogacy for Military Families: Unique Considerations

Becoming a surrogate is one of the most selfless acts a woman can partake in for intended parents who wish to build a family. Many women who are members of military families answer the call to become surrogates. However, there are some unique considerations that should be addressed before a surrogate who is in a […]

How to Compare Surrogacy Agencies for Surrogates

When individuals feel called to become a surrogate, they likely wonder how they should compare surrogacy agencies to ensure they choose the agency that will provide them with the best support and benefits throughout the process. Choosing the right surrogacy agency will make all the difference throughout the journey. That is why it is important […]

Is It Safe to Be a Surrogate for HIV+ Intended Parents?

Surrogacy stands as a remarkable avenue for individuals or couples facing infertility or health challenges to embrace the gift of parenthood. Yet, when prospective parents are HIV-positive, it sparks critical discussions about the safety measures and ethical aspects concerning gestational surrogacy. The landscape of HIV/AIDS has undergone profound transformations, notably due to advancements in medical […]

How To Become a Surrogate: 4 Steps Potential Surrogates Can Expect

Becoming a surrogate is an exciting time for the women who choose to pursue this incredible journey. Making the choice to help intended parents build a family by becoming a surrogate is a large commitment. Therefore, it is important that surrogates have a full understanding of the steps they can expect to take so that […]

Thoughtful Gestures: Great Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation to Your Surrogate

It is no secret that your surrogate is already giving you one of the most selfless gifts another person can provide to someone. As the surrogacy journey proceeds and you get closer to realizing your dreams of parenthood, you may be looking for a thoughtful gesture you can do for your surrogate to show how […]