How To Become a Surrogate: 4 Steps Potential Surrogates Can Expect

Becoming a surrogate is an exciting time for the women who choose to pursue this incredible journey. Making the choice to help intended parents build a family by becoming a surrogate is a large commitment. Therefore, it is important that surrogates have a full understanding of the steps they can expect to take so that they can feel confident in their decision to move forward.

Elevate Surrogacy is a surrogacy agency that helps women interested in becoming surrogates learn more about what the journey will entail and what they can expect from application, to matching, to postpartum. Our goal is to make the experience as straightforward as possible for potential surrogates to ensure there is no confusion or stress. Here is more information regarding all the steps that surrogates may take before they are matched with intended parents.

What Is the Process for Becoming a Surrogate With Elevate Surrogacy?

Becoming a surrogate is an exciting opportunity for women to give one of the most selfless gifts a person can give to another. By carrying a child for intended parents, surrogates will be helping intended parents realize their dreams of parenthood as they build a family. Aside from the incredible experience of being an integral part of an intended parent’s journey to parenthood, there are many other benefits that come with becoming a surrogate. 

To become a surrogate with Elevate Surrogacy, the four steps women can expect to take include the following:

Researching the Surrogacy Journey

Through our experience as surrogacy professionals, women feel called to be surrogates for many different reasons. Regardless of what the reasoning is, our agency can provide surrogates with a comprehensive knowledge of what they can expect throughout the journey.

Completing the Eligibility Process

The first step in becoming a surrogate is to understand whether or not women meet the criteria that will determine their eligibility through our agency requirements. The criteria surrogates must meet to be matched with intended parents at Elevate Surrogacy include the following:

  • Surrogate mothers must be between the ages of 21 and 40 years old
  • Surrogates should have a body mass index of 32 or lower
  • Surrogate mothers should already have given birth and be raising at least one child
  • Surrogate mothers should be in general good health
  • Surrogate mothers should be non-smokers
  • Surrogate mothers should be financially stable
  • Surrogate mothers must be willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluations

Our surrogacy professionals can answer any questions about the eligibility process.


The screening process is an important part of the surrogacy journey and involves the following testing:

  • Medical, social, and drug history
  • Birth records
  • Medical workup
  • Background checks
  • In-home assessment
  • Counseling and support

Our surrogacy professionals will ensure that women feel supported throughout the screening process as they get closer to their goal of becoming a surrogate.

Matching With Intended Parents

Once an individual is qualified to become a surrogate, our agency professionals will match them with the intended parent(s) we feel will be the best match. All surrogates undergo a matching questionnaire that allows us to understand her unique preferences and expectations. When matching a potential surrogate with intended parents, we are looking for people who approach the surrogacy process with compatible preferences. Surrogates choose their intended parents just as much as the intended parents choose them! 

Learn More About Becoming a Surrogate With Elevate Surrogacy

Our team at Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates has seen firsthand how becoming a surrogate mother can provide one of the most incredible gifts to intended parents looking to build their family. Surrogate mothers help intended parents realize their dreams of parenthood while also experiencing all the benefits the incredible journey has to offer.

We have years of experience providing surrogates with the knowledge needed to ensure they can go into this journey with full confidence. Contact us today for more information regarding the steps to becoming a surrogate mother by calling (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form.


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