What Egg Donor Characteristics Should Parents Focus On?

If intended parents need help starting their journey to building a family, having an egg donor can be a great option that helps make this dream a reality. However, knowing where to start or what to look for in a donor can be challenging. Fortunately, intended parents do not have to figure this out alone. At Elevate Donors, we help intended parents through every step of their journey, taking the time to understand their needs and finding their perfect match in our elite donor database.

Elevate Donors is an egg donor agency that helps match intended parents with a qualified, healthy egg donor based on their goals and expectations. We take a compassionate and hands-on approach, handling every aspect of the assisted reproduction journey so that intended parents can focus on the excitement and joy of building a family.

4 Characteristics to Focus on When Choosing an Egg Donor

Every intended parent is different and has unique preferences when selecting a donor. Some may have extensive requirements that make it difficult to find a perfect match, while others may not know what to look for. Our premier, free-to-access database has hundreds of highly-vetted donors that meet the most particular intended parents’ standards. We understand the importance of choosing a donor, so we work closely with our clients to help them focus on the following characteristics:

Physical Appearance

Physical appearance is one of the most important deciding factors for an egg donor. If intended parents have specific family traits that they want to appear in their children, such as eye or hair color, they may look for a donor with these characteristics. For those who do not have preferences in this area, their search may be wider.

Medical History

While we conduct a rigorous screening process for every donor in our database to ensure they are healthy and have no family history of genetic diseases, intended parents may still want to closely review donor profiles and assess compatibility with personal family history.  While all Elevate Donor’s medical histories have been cleared through a genetic counselor, there is the issue of carrier testing. Carrier testing is a type of DNA test that determines if a donor and any other genetic contributor (usually one of the intended parents) carry specific genetic mutations or conditions that could be passed on to the child, allowing for informed family planning and medical decision-making.

Personality and Lifestyle

In addition to physical traits, intended parents should relate to and connect with their selected egg donor. With our extensive application process, intended parents can get a better idea of a donor’s personality through the way they answer questions, facts they provide, and videos they may have made. Intended parents may also want a donor with a similar background or an active lifestyle.


Educational achievements could also play a major role in choosing an egg donor. During our screening process, we ensure donors are well-educated with verifiable test scores. This information could indicate high levels of intelligence. Other information, like career and personal growth, can also provide insight into the donor’s level of education. Intended parents’ decisions depend on their standard of education and their perspective on achievements.

Find the Perfect Match With the Professionals at Elevate Donors

After deciding to use an egg donor to start the family-building journey, intended parents may feel overwhelmed when choosing an egg donor. At Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates, we help make this decision easier by helping intended parents figure out what they are looking for and which one of our qualified donors is their perfect match. Our database sets the standard in the industry and sets us apart from other agencies.

Most of our staff have been through their own assisted reproduction journeys, so we understand how to make intended parents comfortable and have seamless, successful experiences. Our all-inclusive, concierge-level services provide the high level of care and personalized attention intended parents deserve. To schedule a consultation and learn more about finding an egg donor, call us at (323) 933-8918 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.


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