How to Find an Egg Donor


In assisted reproduction, finding and selecting an egg donor is an essential step for intended parents. Whether you intend to welcome your first baby soon or you’re welcoming another baby, our elite agency understands the challenges and hardships that intended parents can face in finding the right match. Elevate aims to help couples by guiding them through an efficient and comfortable process.

Our team at Elevate is committed to our egg donation and surrogacy services, as all our team members have experienced their own aspects of the journey you are pursuing. We are the fastest-growing egg donor program in the nation and are eager to provide continual success in your assisted reproduction journey.

Considerations for Intended Parents Starting an Egg Donor Search

Finding an egg donor can seem challenging, especially when there are many factors to consider for your future baby. Many people know what they want in a donor and what they feel is the best match. Others may start with a blank slate, wondering what’s important to consider when selecting a donor. Additionally, depending on how involved a chosen donor may be legally and preferentially, this plays a huge role in the process for intended parents to welcome a baby.

Factors you may have to consider when selecting an egg donor include:

  • Donor anonymity
  • Medical history
  • Mental health
  • Physical attributes
  • Ethnicity and genetics
  • Educational background
  • Legal agreements
  • Finances within donor arrangements

At Elevate, we aim to provide a joyful journey in egg donation and surrogacy for intended parents. Our client satisfaction has proven Elevate to be the top egg donor agency in the nation. We offer an efficient and transparent journey, allowing intended parents to be informed and involved in every aspect of the process. We understand this experience’s importance and impact, whether in conception, pregnancy, birth, or the years beyond with your child. This is why our egg donor database is the gold standard, and we aim to eliminate the challenges many couples find with searching for and finding the right match.

What to Do When Searching for an Egg Donor

Choosing an egg donor shouldn’t be a stressful and negatively overwhelming experience. At Elevate, our founders and team members equally resonate with the process of egg donor selection and surrogacy in their own experiences. With our diverse and top-of-the-line donor database in the industry, Elevate follows the mission to eliminate the challenges of finding a donor and searching through thousands of options that are not a match.

Here are some of the essential steps and considerations to review when searching for an egg donor:

Know Your Non-negotiable Factors for Egg Donor Selection

Some couples enter the egg donor selection process with an ideal pick already in mind. However, others are unsure what to look for or consider when selecting an egg donor. Understandably, every agency may highlight different qualities within their egg donor database or bank. Elevate’s egg donor database consists of beautiful, intelligent, and highly vetted donors. With our selective process, you can rest assured you won’t have to settle. Selecting the qualities and attributes you plan out for your child before beginning your search may help you narrow down your selection.

Look at Your Options for Places to Find an Egg Donor

In today’s world, there are different options to consider when finding an egg donor. Egg donor banks, frozen eggs, IVF clinics, egg donor agencies, and egg sharing are among the options available. However, only some of these options may offer you the support and necessary details to get you through a stress-free process. To find a donor egg, many couples choose the support of an experienced full-service agency. This can relieve much of the stress and lack of continual support from a clinic or egg donor service lacking professional resources.

Consider How Involved You Want Your Egg Donor to Be

Another aspect to consider when looking for an egg donor is the donor’s level of anonymity: known, semi-known, or anonymous. At times, generous donors are committed to helping couples by egg donation but prefer to remain anonymous. In these  cases, the egg donor’s agency can handle all communication and necessary coordination for appointments while keeping the recipients in the know. Depending on the relationship you’d like to harness with your egg donor, considering their preference of known contact will help you narrow your search to finding a suitable donor.

Plan for the Costs of Egg Donation and Retrieval

When searching for an egg donor, it’s essential to consider the costs and needs necessary to help you grow your family. Fertility treatments, IVF, and egg donation costs can vary. Partnering with a full-service agency can help you properly financially plan for that all of yours and the egg donor’s needs are met. . Intended parents choosing Elevate egg donors are presented with upfront pricing regarding the necessary costs associated with travel, monitoring appointments, agency fees, legal services and other aspects of the egg donor selection process.

Benefits of Choosing an Elite Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency

Families we have helped in the past speak highly of Elevate’s egg donation and surrogacy process. No couple should ever have to settle when searching for a suitable donor or surrogate out of frustration or lack of resources. Our egg donor candidacy process is rigorous, and our boutique agency program offers an individualized approach to attaining your specific needs.

Benefits of choosing Elevate include:

  • Each team member has undergone the IVF, egg donor, or surrogacy process.
  • Our boutique program is individualized for your needs.
  • We handle all aspects of the egg donation and transfer process.
  • We are the top egg donation agency in the nation.
  • We offer counseling for intended parents.
  • Our white-glove service mindset helps ensure each intended parent finishes a healthy cycle with healthy embryos.

While many companies in the industry focus solely on the intricate aspects of IVF, we prioritize a humanitarian perspective by offering the best in the best service. Our agency is staffed with experienced and reliable team members that help with the communication and progress of your journey. Whether it is your first journey with egg donation and IVF, or you’re prepared for another round, our compassionate team is here to help.

Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates Leads a Stress-Free Journey for Intended Parents

Our founders at Elevate understand the difficulties many couples face in finding the right egg donor match. Our donor database offers the gold standard of donor eggs in the industry with a highly selective and strict candidacy screening process. We are highly acclaimed in the nation and seek to provide continual reliability and guidance for our donors, intended parents, and surrogates.

Regardless of what your individualized family-building journey entails, we aim to help you in any way we can to eliminate any unnecessary stress or errors in the process. Our team has been in your shoes, and we are available to go on this journey with you. To speak with our experienced team and plan your next steps in selecting an egg donor, complete a contact form or call us at (323) 933-8918.

Getting Started

Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!