No, we do not believe that just one adult photo should be offered to a discerning client interested in choosing a sperm donor. Why do intended parents get to see many photos of egg donors, but sperm banks offer just one childhood photo or one adult photo for a sperm donor? We want you to have all of the information on a sperm donor that you would an egg donor.

We believe that photos are important part of your selection process. While there are many opinions about why an egg donor can have a profile of 30+ photos but a sperm donor should not, we will continue to work towards equality on both sides of the donation spectrum.

We will offer you a wide array of adult photos, baby photos and family photos so you can get a good “look” at who your sperm donor is.

Aside from lengthy questionnaires about their health and their personality, we hope this makes you feel comfortable about your chosen donor.

If you have any specific photo requests, let us know!


Your sperm donor will go through all of the FDA regulatory testing, a psychological exam, a sperm analysis, a genetic counseling session, and a genetic panel (tested by Invitae, Sema4, or Counsyl.) He will receive a physical workup and be tested on a comprehensive STD panel. If it is non-directed sperm donor, his sperm will be quarantined and the donor will be tested again in six months. If it is a direct sperm donor, additional testing is not necessary.

Elevate/FDA requirements:

Age. Most sperm banks require donors to be between the ages of 18 and 39. Some sperm banks set an upper age limit of 34.

Physical exam. The exam will include taking samples of your blood and urine to test for infectious diseases, such as HIV. If you become a regular sperm donor, you’ll need to have physical exams every six months while you provide sperm donations. You’ll be asked to report any changes in your health.

+Semen testing. You’ll need to provide several samples of your semen. Before providing each sample, you’ll likely be asked to abstain from ejaculation — either through sex or masturbation — for at least 48-72 hours. The samples will be analyzed for sperm quantity, quality and movement.

+Genetic testing. A blood sample will be analyzed to see if you’re a carrier of any genetic conditions. Ask individual sperm banks which tests they perform, as some banks conduct more-extensive testing than others.

+Family medical history. You’ll need to provide details about the medical history of at least two previous generations of your family. A history that suggests the presence of a hereditary disease might disqualify you from donating sperm.

+Psychological evaluation. You’ll likely be asked if you’re concerned about your personal information being shared with your biological children or about future contact with them. If you’re donating your sperm to someone you know, you’ll likely be asked to talk about your relationship with the recipient. If you have a partner, counseling might be helpful for him or her, too.

+Personal and sexual history. You’ll need to provide a detailed history of your sexual activities, drug use and other personal information to show whether you have risk factors for developing an infectious disease, such as HIV. You’ll be asked to share detailed information about your personal habits, education, hobbies and interests. You might also be asked to provide pictures or videos of yourself or audio recordings of your voice.


What’s important in a donor is in the eye of the beholder. Whatever you deem essential qualities or attributes for a soon to be parent is up to you. Whatever you are looking for, we are here to help you find it. From our experience, high caliber sperm donors are not as common as other types of donors. We search the globe over to find men that are willing to help couples in need of a fantastic sperm donor to build their family.

Perhaps you’d like an Ivy League donor, or someone over six feet? Maybe you need a Jewish donor or a donor who ran track. We continually do our best to vet and approve donors who will appeal to our discerning clients.

Whether you’d like him introverted or extroverted, just ask our team on the details of your donor. Otherwise, read his profile and get view into who your donor is.

If there is no one on the database currently, we would be happy to take notes of your criteria and notify you immediately for a first right of refusal should a donor enter our screening process that fits your bill.

There is no shame in wanting certain genetics to build your child. Every family is different, and every Elevate sperm donor journey will be custom.