What are the requirements to become a gestational surrogate?

Ideal Elevate surrogates will meet the following qualifications:


  • Age 21 to 40

  • Healthy BMI of 32 or below

  • No smoking/drug use

  • Have given birth to at least once, but no more than 5 times

  • Generally healthy pregnancy and delivery histories

  • No more than 3 births via cesarean section

  • Financially independent

  • Have reliable transportation

  • Permanently reside in the United States in a surrogacy friendly state

  • Have a support system of family and friends

As an agency, we follow the guidelines set forth by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). The guidelines are put in place to ensure the health of the fetus and surrogate alike and are just the starting point for us to get to know you throughout the application process!

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