“We knew the ivf process could be improved upon for people like us.”

Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates was founded just weeks after I finished my own lengthy search for an egg donor. My husband and I were anxious and excited to start our family, but we had no idea that one of the most challenging aspects of the journey would be finding an egg donor that we both agreed on and could fall in love with. Luckily, after a year of searching and over 3,000 egg donor profiles, we found the one. She was healthy, she was smart, she was beautiful. What she was not: easy to find.

Going through the process of building a family with the generous help of an egg donor is what inspired me to help make this process easier for other couples looking for a special donor. The truth is every woman is special, especially those generous enough to donate. But when it comes to having to choose a donor based on a certain criteria provided, many feel shame or are embarrassed to ask certain questions or state that they want certain physical characteristics in a donor. All of that has to be thrown aside because this is IVF and not only can you choose, you are most likely going to spend a fair amount of money to do so. As you know, there are no accidental pregnancies here. You should have exactly what you want.

I believe any woman who is generous enough to donate her eggs is a special one, and we were presented with many healthy egg donor options. Health is obviously paramount, but what about the other genetic factors at play? I had specific standards when choosing my spouse. When searching for the other genetic half of my future children, I didn’t think I should have to change my criteria. I don’t believe you should have to settle for an egg donor you are less than thrilled with when starting a family. There are so many incredible women in this world from all over the globe who want to help people like us. And isn’t that a beautiful thing? The human connection aspect of this process is what gives me a thrill on a daily basis and keeps me passionate about family building.

That’s when I started my search for the most intelligent, healthy, beautiful, and gracious women who are willing to help others have children. I have built an agency that provides what I believe is the gold standard of egg donors in the world of egg donation. Having been through this process myself, I know how difficult it can be. This is why I’ve come up with a formula to help you create a seamless, cost-effective path towards your goals of having a child.

I am passionate about helping people build families through powerful, kindhearted women who are giving of their time and genetic resources. I am here to help you on every step of a journey I am not only familiar with, but have a passion for. I have learned how to do this and do this to great success. Becoming a donor or a parent is one of the most fulfilling gifts in life. Meeting these children as they come into the world has brought tears to our eyes at Elevate on a regular basis. We see the joy this process can bring those who have lost hope. My goal is to find you a donor that excites you, motivates you, inspiries you and helps you expand your family.

-Taylor, Founder and CEO