What People Are Saying

We had a terrific experience working with Elevate for our egg donor. From our first meeting with them, we felt embraced by not only our case manager, but by the entire team. The personal service we received from Taylor, the Director and Founder, was beyond our expectations. It was our first time going through the experience of securing an egg donor, and he was quick to hop on a video call any time we had questions or concerns. We would certainly work with them again!

— mark and andrew

If there was an option to select 10 stars this would be a glowing ten star review. We have been guided with such love and care by the Elevate team throughout our journey to starting a family. We will be forever grateful to Taylor, Kyle Dean and the entire Elevate family for showing us that having our biological children was an option, for looking after us, making us feel comfortable and confident that we could ask ALL the questions along the way and for always sharing their expert advise throughout the process. Taylor and Kyle – if you happen to read this, THANK YOU for literally making our dreams come true.

— mark and justin

Elevate are a compassionate and understanding agency who go above and beyond for both their donors and intended parents. They bring personal experience and empathy to each encounter and truly understand the needs of their clients. They’re professionalism and willingness to supersede expectations does not go unnoticed, and it is the reason I continue to work with them and praise them so highly. Elevate remain closely involved during all stages of your reproductive journey, leaving a very human touch on your experience and bring a sense of class to the industry.


“It is difficult to put into words just how important Elevate was in helping my partner and I conceive our very first child. Prior to finding Elevate, we simply could not find an egg donor agency with even one donor close to the quality that Elevate had overflowing from their egg donor database. What began as difficult, because we could not find even one promising donor, became even more difficult because Elevate’s database contained too many promising options that seemed to fit all of our stringent requirements. And I promise you, we looked through EVERY egg donor agency’s database with a healthy amount of OCD and the finest tooth comb. Nothing compared to Elevate’s quality of egg donors. Once we found our perfect donor, we were even more impressed with Elevate’s high-end services and personalized approach executed by the most dependable team I have ever worked with (and i work in customer service!). Each and every email was answered as soon as possible and every concern or question was addressed with a smile. When we had any request at all, whether or not it pertained to Elevate’s egg services, Taylor or one of their unbelievable staff members (thank you Tara!!!) would perform what sometimes seemed like a Herculean feat to ensure we were taken care of. This is no exaggeration!

We cannot recommend Elevate and any of their services enough and we cannot wait to go through our second round using their surrogacy services as well!!! Definitely consider using Elevate in your journey to parenthood, you will be beyond pleased that you did!”


“Elevate is not just an Egg Donor Agency. They are human beings who mix expertise, knowledge and wisdom with a kindness, proximity and responsiveness which is precisely what every IP needs and is looking for.
We worked with Taylor Frey who’s levels of proactiveness were off the charts. He listened carefully every part of our briefing. He understood every nuance of our requirements. He instinctively absorbed what was being said as well as what was not. He was relentless at find us the right match and while at it, he was a process cheerleader, a force of positivism and a source of great energy. Always ready, with a “no mountain high enough” attitude that lifted our spirits every single day.
We are now proud fathers of baby Maria who would have never happened if it was not for Elevate’s curated, professional and white-glove service.
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“The surrogacy can process can be an arduous one but the Elevate team has acted to make our journey less stressful and less scary throughout its entirety. We appreciated the personalized touch Elevate put into our experience in helping identify what we were looking for, and as we prepare to welcome our baby into the world soon we are grateful that we found Elevate when we did.

— A. Oc