Egg Donor Agencies vs. Independent Donation

Becoming an egg donor is an exciting and rewarding experience, but knowing where to start can be challenging. Women have several options to donate their eggs, including through an egg donor agency or independently. With an egg donor agency, donors undergo a rigorous screening process and work with a team that handles every aspect of egg donation. When donating independently, donors typically work with a clinic and reproductive attorney, coordinating their journey themselves. 

Elevate Donors is an egg donor agency that helps women throughout their journey of becoming an egg donor, from application to screening to matching. We provide concierge-level services donors can trust, allowing them to focus on the joys of helping intended parents build their families. We also give donors the resources, knowledge, and services they need to have a smooth, stress-free journey. Furthermore, we can help donors understand their options and offer the information they need to move forward in their journeys with confidence.

4 Differences Between Donating Eggs Independently and Through an Egg Donor Agency

Every egg donor is different, so it’s important for every donor to consider their unique needs and preferences when choosing to use an egg donor agency or to donate independently. Differences between these two options include the following:

Services Provided

An egg donor agency helps donors handle every aspect of their journey, providing all the professional services they need for a successful experience. At Elevate Donors, we coordinate between all parties involved in egg donation, including intended parents, labs, doctors, clinics, and reproductive attorneys. When donating eggs independently, donors have to manage communication on their own and may not receive the types of services egg donor agencies offer.


While all egg donors receive compensation for their generous gift to intended parents, the timeline for getting their payment may differ depending on their chosen option. When working with an egg donor agency like Elevate Donors, donors receive compensation as quickly as possible. If a non-agency professional or reproductive attorney is working on their behalf, compensation may be paid to the attorney before it reaches the donor.

Screening Process

Egg donor agencies tend to have a more rigorous screening process, which involves meeting state and American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines. To confirm a donor meets these requirements, they undergo psychological testing, genetic testing, hormonal testing, and medical evaluations. Additionally, Elevate Donors conducts a one-on-one consultation with all potential donors and administers an extended questionnaire. 

Because we are committed to providing our intended parents with the highest quality donors, we consider every detail during the screening process to get to know each donor and determine if they are prepared for the donation journey. When donating independently, donors may not experience such extensive screening.

Available Resources

When donating eggs independently, donors have to seek out resources and tools for their journeys on their own. In contrast, egg donors at an agency receive all the resources and knowledge they need from their team. At Elevate Donors, we give donors access to the resources and information they need to have a smooth experience.

Learn More About Becoming an Egg Donor With the Trusted Team at Elevate Donors

When donating eggs, women have a lot of factors to consider, including whether they want to use an egg donor agency or donate independently. While independent donation gives donors more control over who they work with, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the parties involved in the journey. With an egg donor agency, donors work with a team that provides all the tools and services they need to focus on the excitement of helping intended parents have the child of their dreams. 

At Elevate Donors, we provide our egg donors with the concierge-level services they deserve. With most of our staff having gone through their own assisted reproduction journeys, we understand and appreciate the selflessness of donating eggs, which is why donors can rely on us to support them from start to finish. To start the egg donation journey, call us at (323) 933-8918 or fill out our contact form.


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