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Although there are many different family planning avenues that intended parents can explore, egg donation is a wonderful option for intended parents who want to pursue their dream of parenthood. While it can be disappointing to need assistance in building a family, intended parents should never feel shame for needing a helping hand in your family planning journey. At Elevate Donors, we know that the egg donation journey can be both exciting and overwhelming. That is why our Utah team is happy to help you take the first step. We will help match you with an egg donor that best fits your needs and assist you throughout your egg donation journey.

Elevate Donors is an egg donation agency helping Utah intended parents who are interested in matching with one of our qualified egg donors. Intended parents should always begin their journey with the confidence and knowledge to ensure the overall experience is as special and exciting as it should be. Before intended parents begin their Utah egg donation journey, our donor team can help them understand what egg donation entails and whether egg donation is the best decision for their family planning goals before matching you with a donor.

Do Egg Donors In Utah Have to Meet Certain Requirements?

The journey of matching egg donors with intended parents is designed to ensure both parties are the best fit for one another. However, before egg donors are even eligible to be matched with intended parents, we will make sure that they meet the basic requirements set forth by the state of Utah for egg donor eligibility. These requirements are:

  • Egg donors must be between the ages of 19 and 30
  • Egg donors must have a Body Mass Index of less than 28
  • Egg donors must be non-smokers
  • Egg donors should be generally healthy
  • Egg donors should have no familial genetic diseases


Donors likely will have additional questions regarding the requirements for egg donors in Utah, and are always free to reach out to our donor team at Elevate Donors at any time. We want all Elevate egg donation journeys to be successful and exciting. That is why we are passionate about ensuring that all donors have the knowledge necessary to fully understand each step of the journey and feel a sense of confidence moving forward. We pride ourselves on being able to assist donors as they prepare to take the first step towards welcoming a child into your family.  

What to Know Before Beginning Your Utah Egg Donation Journey

When it comes to family planning, egg donation is a great avenue to help intended parents in Utah achieve their dream of building a family. While the egg donation journey can be exciting, you should take some time to consider every aspect of the journey before you jump right in. Before taking the leap and beginning your egg donation journey, you should consider these important factors:

  • Timing: Each egg donor donation cycle takes approximately three months. This is because it takes time to medically evaluate the donor, complete the legal aspects, and plan and execute the egg retrieval. 
  • Transfer: Many women who use an egg donor want to carry the child themselves if possible. Other intended parents, including single male and same-sex male couples, will need the help of one of our surrogate mothers to help them build their family. Having an expectation of the gestational and transfer period will help them determine if the timeline for the egg donation journey will work for them.
  • Finances: Invitro fertilization (IVF)  treatments can be expensive. That is why we work with intended parents to secure financing and are able to work with most budgets. 


At Elevate Donors, all of our egg donors partake in a comprehensive donor screening before matching and a clinical evaluation. This is to ensure that intended parents have the best chances of success in creating embryos. To get more information about the egg donation journey and whether it is a good fit for you, contact our Utah egg donor team today.

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Elevate Donors is an egg donor agency that helps intended parents in Utah looking to take the first step toward building a family. With years of experience serving high-profile and celebrity clients, we treat all intended parents with the same concierge-level service to ensure they get a fulfilling and positive experience from their egg donation journeys.

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Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!