Is There a Greater Cultural Acceptance of Surrogacy Today

Babies are on the rise! Babies born by surrogacy, that is.

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) reported that 738 babies were born via surrogate in 2004. Compared to the 3,432 surrogacy births in 2013, we can safely say that surrogacy is becoming more and more mainstream.

Wondering how accepted surrogacy is today? Here are a few reasons why there is a greater cultural acceptance of surrogacy.

Not Just for the Rich and Famous

It’s no secret that many celebrities have used gestational surrogates. And for a while, we may have thought surrogacy was reserved for the ultra-rich and famous. Now, most of us know someone personally who has used surrogacy to grow their family. 

We are grateful for celebrities who have been brave enough to speak out about their surrogacy experiences. Individuals such as Kelsey Grammar, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kim Kardashian have helped the conversation about surrogates become positive and hopeful. 

Now surrogacy is a realistic option any couple can consider for their family planning.

Surrogacy Laws are Changing

Surrogacy laws and policies are changing and for the better! 

In all started in 1985 with the infamous case of Baby M. A woman answered an add to be a traditional surrogate, and then wanted to keep the baby. Since then, there have been strict laws against surrogacy.  The case raised questions regarding the rights of both the surrogate and the intended parents. 

 But, slowly, we are starting to see a shift in policy. In fact, as of 2020, 48 of the 50 states are considered surrogate friendly. 

Since there is no federal law regarding surrogacy, each sate has its own surrogacy laws. Here are a few states who have decided to protect intended parents when it comes to surrogacy:

New Jersey

In 2018, The New Jersy Gestation Carrier Act was put into place. This Act protects any in-state couple who enters a surrogacy agreement. 


Oklahoma requires a “pre-conception court order” This means a judge must confirm the agreement before the embryo is transferred to a surrogate. This ensures the intended parents’ rights from the very beginning.

New York

Recently Governor Cuomo signed a progressive bill legalizing surrogacy. This makes New York the most recent state to allow gestational surrogacy. 

Ways to Make it affordable

The road to building a family can be expensive. Unfortunately, there are not many insurance policies that will cover IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy. But, there are some other ways to help offset the costs of alternative family planning


Businesses like Lending Tree often offer personal loans up to $50,000.  You can use this money for your surrogacy fees and then pay your loan back over time. This is a way to break up the payments into monthly installments if needed. 


With a simple search on the internet, you can find nonprofit organizations that focus on helping families with the high costs of egg donation and surrogacy. 

These organizations will provide grants for intended parents to help offset the costs. 


Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Most people love to contribute to worthy causes.  If you are willing to go public with your family planning, you might find that friends and family are eager to help you.  

Just start by setting up a Go Fund Me and advertising on Facebook. You might be surprised to see how much attention it gets. 

Greater Social Acceptance

There is definitely greater cultural acceptance today than there was even a few years ago. 

Historically, surrogacy was something that was kept secret and never publicized. When the Baby M case happened in New York, a negative light was shed on surrogacy. And finally, after years of hard work from surrogacy advocates, we find ourselves in a place where surrogacy is more accepted now than ever before. 

We have come to learn that surrogacy has a place in society. It allows same-sex couples to have a family. It allows women who can’t carry their own child the chance to become mothers. Because of surrogacy, intended parents can have the family they have always dreamed of.

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