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A Brief Summary of the Following Article

  • Why Choose Elevate Donors?: Elevate Donors stands out from other egg donor agencies with our top-notch database, case management, and all-inclusive packages.
  • Donor Qualifications: Potential egg donors must meet several criteria, including age, health, psychological, educational, and genetic. 
  • Screening Process: After meeting qualifications, donors undergo multiple types of testing, a consultation, and an extended questionnaire, which allow us to learn more about them and find their perfect match.
  • Factors to Consider: Elevate Donors helps intended parents with timing, transfer options, and finances, tailoring services to unique needs for a smooth journey.


If intended parents want to build their family using an egg donor, they may need help getting started. Working with a trusted Anaheim egg donor agency is a great way to streamline the experience and allow them to focus solely on the joys of having a baby. At Elevate Donors, we aim to make intended parents’ journeys as positive and seamless as possible with the concierge-level services we offer all our clients.

We work with intended parents in Anaheim from start to finish, taking the time to understand their unique needs and preferences. This helps us match them with one of our qualified egg donors in our free premier database. Most of our staff have been on their own assisted reproduction journeys, so intended parents can trust us to provide the guidance and care they need to feel comfortable and informed.

Why Anaheim Intended Parents Should Choose Elevate Donors for Their Egg Donation Journey

One of the first steps on the family-building journey is finding a trusted Anaheim egg donor agency. This decision can be challenging due to the high stakes involved, but Elevate Donors makes this choice easier by setting ourselves apart in the following ways:

  • Our Database: Our elite database has hundreds of healthy, kind, qualified egg donors that meet the standards of the most particular intended parents. We conduct a rigorous screening process to ensure intended parents find their perfect match.
  • All-Inclusive Packages: With our all-inclusive packages, Anaheim intended parents can rely on us to manage every aspect of their egg donation journey and focus on the joys of their experience.
  • Case Management: Our team takes a white-glove approach to case management, going the extra mile for all of our clients. We consider every detail and communicate with all parties involved, from doctors and labs to IVF clinics and reproduction attorneys.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of excellence, making us the gold standard in the industry. Our compassionate Anaheim team goes above and beyond to make the entire experience smooth and successful.

How Does Elevate Donors Screen Potential Donors?

Before adding an Anaheim egg donor to our database, we conduct a detailed screening process to learn more about the donor and determine if donating eggs is right for them. This process includes the following steps:

Meet Requirements

All donors must meet state and American Society for Reproductive Medicine qualifications, which include the following:

  • Between 20 and 30 years of age
  • Non-smoker
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Comfortable with self-injections
  • Healthy family history 
  • Good resting follicle count (AFC)
  • Healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • Well-educated with verifiable test scores
  • Easy to work with

Potential donors also go through several types of testing, including bloodwork, ultrasounds, and genetic and psychological testing, to ensure they are prepared for Anaheim egg donation.


Once a potential donor has met the qualifications, we continue the screening process with an extended questionnaire and one-on-one consultation. Donors are also medically evaluated and receive hormonal testing before being matched with intended parents.

What to Keep in Mind When Using an Egg Donor

Our team wants intended parents in Anaheim to move forward with their journeys confidently and fully informed. To do this, we take the time to understand their needs and expectations and help them consider the following factors:

  • Timing: It’s important to know that using fresh eggs, completing the donor’s medical evaluation, undergoing the legal process, and doing the egg retrieval can take up to three months. For intended parents in search of a quicker timeline, we offer select frozen lots.
  • Transfer: In many cases, women who use an egg donor choose to carry their child themselves, but others, like same-sex male couples, need a surrogate. Understanding this need and the gestational and transfer periods can clarify the timeline.
  • Finances: If intended parents are concerned about the costs of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, we can help secure financing if necessary and work with almost any budget.

We strive to give intended parents peace of mind throughout their assisted reproduction journeys so they can remain hopeful and excited to build their families. Our team is committed to client satisfaction, tailoring our unmatched services to intended parents’ unique needs.

Reach Out to the Caring Team at Elevate Donors to Start Your Journey

Starting the path to building a family through egg donation is a journey filled with hope and anticipation. Navigating this process alone can be daunting, but with Elevate Donors, intended parents in Anaheim can experience the journey with ease and joy. Our experienced team is dedicated to supporting intended parents at every step, ensuring their focus remains on the excitement of welcoming a new baby.

We provide exceptional, personalized service, treating every intended parent as a top priority and ensuring a positive, successful journey. To take the first steps of the Anaheim egg donation journey, call us at (323) 933-8918 or fill out our contact form.

Getting Started

Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!