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Experiencing infertility issues and searching for the right egg donor can be stressful. However, with the help of a generous donor, you may be able to have your dreams fulfilled. Egg donation can be a rewarding process for everyone involved. If you are an intended parent or are interested in donating your eggs but don’t know where to start, our San Francisco egg donation agency is here to help you understand the process and provide open and honest communication.

At Elevate donors, we guide our clients through the egg donation process with complete transparency. Our professional egg donation agency based in San Francisco, CA goes above and beyond for donors and intended families. With our years of experience and dedication, we treat everyone we work with respect and care. We do all we can to put your health first and achieve a successful outcome for everyone.

What Is Egg Donation and How Does It Work?

Egg donation is a process in which a woman donates her eggs to someone else so they can have a baby. The process of doing this includes the following steps:

  • The donor receives hormones that allow many eggs to develop in one menstrual cycle.
  • While under anesthesia, an IVF physician will extract those eggs with a needle, which is attached to an ultrasound probe.
  • An embryologist will examine the eggs to make sure they are viable.
  • In the lab, sperm from a male source is injected into each viable egg during the in vitro fertilization process to create embryos.

Our San Francisco egg donation agency understands the egg donation process can sound intimidating, but an agency case manager thoughtfully looks after each step. Donors can be assured that their health and well-being are always top priorities. We want all donors to feel as comfortable as possible and ensure they experience the psychological satisfaction of knowing they helped someone achieve their dream of having a child.

What Our Egg Donation Agency in San Francisco Looks For in an Egg Donor

If you are interested in donating your eggs, you may wonder what requirements you have to meet to do so. We proudly follow the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines. Therefore, we consider the following requirements when looking for donors:

  • Between 20-30 years old
  • Mentally healthy
  • Healthy BMI
  • Non-smoker
  • Fits the ASRM gamete donation guidelines
  • Healthy family history
  • Good antral follicle count (AFC)
  • Does not use ADD or ADHD medication
  • Suitable Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) level
  • Passes a psychological exam
  • Comfortable with self-injections
  • Committed to attending all appointments
  • Meets educational requirements
  • Kind and altruistic

If you meet these criteria, egg donation may be a good choice for you. You can start the screening process by filling out our online application. If you have any questions. don’t hesitate to contact our egg donation agency in San Francisco. 

How Our San Francisco Egg Donation Agency Can Help You Accomplish Your Family Goals

We understand that starting a family through assisted reproduction requires time and extensive planning.  At Elevate, we handle all aspects of a family-building journey to simplify the process for our clients. When working with our efficient, hands-on team, you can expect the following top-notch services:

  • Donor screening and onboarding
  • Medical appointments
  • Scheduled monitoring
  • Companion travel needs
  • Accounting services
  • Liaison between all parties and communication
  • Facilitating legal services

The egg donation process typically involves several third parties, such as attorneys, physicians, psychologists, and genetic counselors. This can be a lot to manage alone, but you do not have to do so with our egg donation agency by your side. We also provide the following services for donors during our screening process:

  • One-on-one consultation
  • Health history evaluation
  • Health record screening
  • Criminal background checks
  • Genetic counseling evaluation
  • Physiological examination
  • Additional optional genetic carrier screening
  • Stages of contract commitment
  • Full coordination of IVF medical evaluations and treatments

Because of our high level of service, Elevate offers the best of the best with our egg donation database. Our San Francisco egg donor agency strives to provide the most stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the egg donation process. As an egg donor, you can help those in need, make a significant difference, and receive the generous compensation you deserve for giving someone the gift of a child.

Contact Our Egg Donation Agency in San Francisco, California Today to Get Started

Starting a family is a  rewarding and exciting time, but many struggles with infertility, or simply need the assistance of an egg donor. For those who look to egg donors to help fulfill their dreams, the process can be challenging. Our founders, Kyle Dean Massey and Taylor Frey understand first-hand the importance of egg donation as they built their family using assisted reproductive methods. As a result, Elevate is dedicated to providing both egg donors and intended parents with the best experience possible.

At Elevate Baby in San Francisco, California, we make our donor’s health and comfort our number one priority. Our San Francisco egg donation agency also goes above and beyond to offer high-quality services and accommodate our intended parent’s unique needs. With years of experience serving high-profile and celebrity clients, we treat all intended parents with the same concierge-level service to ensure joyful and successful journeys. To learn more about becoming an egg donor, call us at (323) 933-8918 or fill out our contact form.

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Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!