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Egg donation is a great option for intended parents looking to build a family in Miami, Florida. While there are many options available when it comes to family planning today, egg donation offers many different benefits to the intended parents who need some extra help as they pursue their dream of welcoming a child into the world. Moving forward with the egg donation journey is a big decision. If you are ready to learn more about egg donation, what the journey entails, and whether this avenue is truly what is best for you and your needs, Elevate Donors is here to help.

Elevate Donors is an egg donation agency in Miami that has experience helping intended parents begin their journey with egg donation. Matching with one of our qualified egg donors is one of the first steps you will take as you pursue your goal of building a family. Our team of egg donation experts can equip you with the knowledge and care to ensure the overall experience is as special and fulfilling as it should be.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Beginning Your Egg Donation Journey in Miami?

Thanks to the advancements in health care as it relates to fertility and family planning, there are various options available to intended parents who may need extra help when it comes to building a family. There should never be anything to feel bad about when it comes to needing help to pursue your dream of becoming a parent. From surrogacy to egg donation, the options are plentiful for you to welcome a child into the world. 

If you feel that egg donation may be the solution to your family planning goals, Our Miami egg donation agency is ready to help by matching you with a qualified egg donor. However, before you move forward with the journey, it is important you have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect through each step. Some factors to consider before saying “yes” to egg donation are:

  • Finances: It is no surprise that in vitro fertilization, or IVF, treatments are expensive for the intended parents who may need to undergo the procedure. That is why our egg donation agency works with intended parents to secure financing. Our Miami egg donation agency is also able to work with almost any budget. 
  • Transfer: Women who use an egg donor may wish to carry the child themselves if their bodies are able. Other intended parents, like same-sex male couples or a single male, will require a gestational surrogate to help them by carrying the child for them. Having an understanding of the gestational surrogacy period in addition to the egg donation timeline will help intended parents have a clear expectation of the overall journey.
  • Timing: Using fresh donor eggs can take a minimum of three months due to the significant time it takes to medically evaluate the egg donor, complete the legal aspects of the journey, and plan and execute egg retrieval. For those looking for a faster timeline, our Miami egg donor agency also offers select frozen donor egg lots as well.

If you feel that egg donation is the right path for you, our Miami egg donation agency can help. We pride ourselves on only matching intended parents with the most qualified egg donors.

What Qualifications Do Egg Donors Need to Meet In Miami, Florida?

Before a woman interested in becoming an egg donor can apply, they must first meet the requirements set forth by the state. In Florida, there are several requirements that potential egg donors must meet, which include the following:

  • Age: Egg donors must be between the ages of 20 to 30 for the best chance of viable eggs.
  • Weight: Egg donors should have a body mass index of under 28.
  • Family History: Egg donors should have no history of genetically inherited diseases.
  • Health: Egg donors should be in good overall health and must pass a physical assessment.
  • Smoking and Drugs: Egg donors must not smoke or use illegal or illicit drugs.
  • STI-Free: Egg donors must have been free of any sexually transmitted infection for at least 12 months prior to donating their eggs.
  • Time Commitment: Egg donors must be able to accommodate the demands on time that testing and appointments will require.

If a donor meets these requirements, they will then be eligible to go through the three phases of screening and be matched with intended parents. Get started today by contacting our egg donation agency in Miami, Florida. 

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Elevate Donors is an egg donor agency helping intended parents match with qualified egg donors in Miami, Florida. For intended parents looking to build a family, egg donation may be the best avenue for their family planning goals. We have years of experience serving high-profile and celebrity clients and are proud to treat all intended parents with the same high-quality service. We will go above and beyond for all intended parents. 

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Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!