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There are many intended parents who may need some added help building their family due to a number of reasons. However, with so many family planning options available to help intended parents build a family, the dream of parenthood is well within reach. If you believe that egg donation may be the right path for you, it is important that you have knowledge of the journey and all it entails to ensure you feel fully confident before taking the first step. To get more information on the egg donation journey in Idaho, contact our egg donor agency today.

Elevate Donors is an egg donation agency that aims to help intended parents match with one of our qualified Idaho egg donors. We know that taking the first step into egg donation can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. That is why we believe in the importance of ensuring intended parents begin their journey with the knowledge to ensure the overall experience is as special as it should be for both the parents and the egg donor they are matched with. Before you begin your egg donation journey, our Idaho egg donation agency can help you understand whether egg donation is the best decision for your family planning goals. 

What Are the Requirements For Egg Donors in Idaho?

Before you are ready to take the first step to begin your journey of building a family with egg donation, you may have questions regarding the requirements in place for potential egg donors in Idaho. Before egg donors are even eligible to be matched with intended parents in Idaho, we ensure that they meet all necessary requirements. These requirements include:

  • Egg donors must be between the ages of 19 and 30
  • Egg donors must have a Body Mass Index of less than 28
  • Egg donors must be non-smoking
  • Egg donors should be generally healthy
  • Egg donors should have no familial genetic diseases

For any other questions you may have regarding the requirements for egg donors in Idaho, feel free to reach out to our donor team at Elevate Donors at any time. One of our team members can assist you and answer any additional questions you may have regarding each step of the egg donation journey. Contact our Idaho egg donation agency today to get started on this new journey. 

What Does Idaho’s Egg Donor Screening Entail?

Even if egg donors meet the preliminary requirements to be eligible in the state of Idaho, they must still go through a screening before they are matched with intended parents. The screening aspects in Idaho consist of these steps:

  • Potential egg donors must complete an online application
  • Accepted applicants will then undergo an egg donor consultation
  • Potential egg donors will complete an extended application and any necessary testing

To begin your egg donation journey and be matched with a qualified egg donor, contact our egg donor agency in Idaho today.

Consider These Factors Before Beginning Your Egg Donation Journey in Idaho

The decision to move forward with egg donation is one that should never be taken lightly. While the egg donation journey is full of hope and excitement for the future, there are still many factors to consider before you decide if this is the best path for you and your family planning goals. Before taking the leap with egg donation, consider the following factors:

  • Timing: Using fresh donor eggs can take a minimum of three months, but often it may take longer. This is because it takes time to medically evaluate the donor, complete the legal aspects of the Idaho egg donation journey, and plan and execute egg retrieval.  For intended parents hoping for a faster timeline, Elevate offers frozen egg lots from select donors.
  • Finances: IVF treatments can be expensive, which is why we work with intended parents to secure financing to work within most budgets. 
  • Transfer: Women who use an egg donor may wish to carry the child themselves if it is medically possible. However, other intended parents, including single male and same-sex male couples, will require a surrogate to help them build their family. Having an expectation of the overall time frame from egg donor to baby is important in managing expectations and deciding when to begin.

Your journey with egg donation is one that should be filled with joy. If you still feel that egg donation is the best option for you as you pursue your dream of building a family, our Idaho egg donor agency can help you get started by matching you with a qualified Idaho egg donor. 

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Elevate Donors is an egg donor agency passionate about helping match intended parents with qualified egg donors in Idaho. Egg donation can be the perfect fit for intended parents looking to welcome a child into their lives. 

Our egg donation agency in Idaho is proud to always go above and beyond for our clients by ensuring they feel confident through each step of their journeys. Contact us today for more information on how to become matched with an egg donor in Idaho by calling us at (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form today. 

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Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!