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For some New Hampshire intended parents, the idea of building a family can be equally exciting and overwhelming. With many options, including egg donation, they may not know where to start. At Elevate Donors, however, we believe that intended parents do not have to give up hope even if they have had a more difficult path to having a child. Our compassionate team is here to listen to your story and understand your needs so we can help determine what works best for you. 

At Elevate Donors, we have helped numerous New Hampshire intended parents, including celebrity and high-profile clients, start their egg donation journeys for years. Since most of our staff have been on their own assisted reproduction journeys, we understand that every situation is different. Therefore, we will work closely with the intended parents to help find their ideal egg donor match. With our trustworthy and reliable communication, everyone we work with can make informed decisions about their future. Get in contact with our egg donation agency in New Hampshire today to get started on your journey. 

What Is Elevate Donors’ Screening Process in New Hampshire?

We strive to provide all intended parents with the highest quality egg donors possible so that they can find their perfect match that meets their criteria and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s guidelines. When screening egg donors, we ensure they meet the following requirements:

  • Between 20 and 30 years old
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • No history of genetically inherited disease
  • Non-smoker
  • Does not use illegal or illicit drugs
  • Free of STIs for at least 12 months prior to donating eggs
  • Passes psychological and genetic testing
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Committed to the journey and flexible

Once we determine a donor meets these requirements, we continue the screening journey before matching them with intended parents. These screening steps include the following:

  • Completing an online application
  • Having a consultation with one of our team members
  • Completing extensive background checks  and additional testing

With this rigorous screening journey, our New Hampshire egg donation agency provides every intended parent with the best of the best egg donor selection. Our hardworking team prides themselves on being the gold standard for egg donation.

How to Know If Using Donor Eggs Is the Right Decision

Before starting the egg donation journey, it’s important to understand the journey to determine if using donor eggs is the right decision for building your family. When working with the team at Elevate Donors, our egg donation agency in New Hampshire can help you consider every detail so that you can make the best decision for your future. Potential factors to keep in mind include the following:


We understand that egg donation and in vitro fertilization (IVF) is expensive for intended parents who choose this option to build their family. Therefore, we work with every intended parent to help secure financing and understand their budget to create a plan that meets their needs. Furthermore, our team can work with almost any budget.


When using fresh donor eggs, it’s essential to know that the journey can take up to three months. Evaluating the donor, completing legal elements, and planning and executing the egg retrieval can take significant time, but if you are looking for a quicker timeline, we also offer select frozen egg options.


In many cases, women choose to carry the child themselves when using donor eggs. However, other intended parents, especially single men and same-sex male couples, require a gestational surrogate to carry their child. Understanding the gestational period, in addition to the egg donation timeline, can help parents have a clearer vision of the assisted reproduction journey.

Get Started Today and Call Our Egg Donor Agency in New Hampshire

When doing research about using donor eggs, the experience can be overwhelming. Fortunately, intended parents do not have to go through this journey alone. At Elevate Donors, we work hard to match each intended parent with a qualified New Hampshire egg donor that meets their needs and goals. Our dedicated team handles the entire journey so that intended parents don’t have to worry about sorting through matches by themselves. We take the time to understand everyone’s expectations and present intended parents with the best matches until they find one they connect with. 

With years of experience helping intended parents achieve their dreams of having a child, you can trust us to provide unmatched concierge-level services that allow you to focus on the joys of building a family. We strive to give you a positive and stress-free experience by streamlining the often complicated egg donation journey. Our premier donor database and highly-skilled team make us the gold standard in egg donation, so you can rest assured you are in the best hands when working with Elevate Donors. To learn more about egg donation and if it is right for you, give us a call at (323) 933-8918 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation today.

Getting Started

Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!