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For intended parents looking to build a family, there are many different family planning options available to them. If you are considering pursuing egg donation as a means to welcome a child into your family, you may have questions about what the journey will entail and what you should expect. Choosing to pursue egg donation is a big decision, and putting thought and research into this journey is your first step toward realizing your dream of building a family. To get help matching with an egg donor that is right for you, our Washington State egg donor agency is here to help.

Elevate Donors is a Washington State egg donation agency that helps intended parents interested in matching with one of our qualified egg donors learn more about the journey and what they should expect moving forward. Before you begin your egg donation journey in Washington State, our donor team can help you understand whether egg donation is the best decision for your family planning goals before matching you with one of our qualified donors.

How Does Egg Donor Screening Work In Washington State?

When considering whether you need to use an egg donor agency, you may be wondering how agencies screen potential egg donors in Washington State. At Elevate Donors, we screen our potential donors in three separate phases to ensure our intended parents are matched with the best fit for their egg donation journey:

  • Potential egg donors must complete an online application: This online application form screens egg donor applicants for basic donor qualifications.
  • Accepted applicants will then undergo an egg donor consultation: During this consultation, one of our egg donation specialists will walk each donor candidate through the entire journey of egg donation, explain the risks, timelines, and answer any questions the prospective donor may have. 
  • Potential egg donors will complete an extended application and any necessary testing: If an egg donor applicant qualifies to move forward, our agency will require more paperwork to complete the onboarding journey. These documents include agency agreements, extended matching questionnaires, HIPAA authorizations, background check authorizations, FDA questionnaires, and personal health histories. For many donors, we will perform pre-cycle testing which may include an AMH test or a genetic carrier panel.

In addition to going through the screening, we also ensure that the donors we work with at Elevate Donors are qualified to be egg donors in the state of Washington. The legal requirements include that egg donors must be:

  • A legal resident or citizen of the United States
  • Between the ages of 20 and 30 years old
  • Have a body mass index of under 28
  • In great physical and mental health
  • Non-smokers
  • Be willing to complete a psychological, drug, and criminal screening
  • Have someone who can support them emotionally
  • Be willing to self-administer fertility injections
  • Have at least one year of secondary education

If you have further questions regarding how we choose the egg donors that we match intended parents with, give us a call at any time to get more information from one of our egg donor agency staff members. 

Is Egg Donation Right For You?

There are many different avenues for intended parents who are wanting to build a family. If you are wondering why you should choose egg donation, you should consider the following factors:

  • Transfer: Oftentimes, women who use an egg donor will wish to carry the child themselves if possible. Other intended parents, including single male and same-sex male couples, will need the help of a surrogate to help them build their family. Having an expectation of the overall timelines associated with each scenario will help inform the intended parents of what to expect from their egg donation journey.
  • Timing: Using fresh donor eggs can take a minimum of three months, but may take even longer. This is because it takes time to medically evaluate the donor, complete the legal aspects of the application, and plan and execute egg retrieval. For intended parent with more immediate timelines, Elevate does offer frozen lots of eggs from select donors that may allow intended parents to immediately create embryos.
  • Finances: IVF treatments can be costly. That is why we work with intended parents to secure financing and are able to work with most budgets. 

To get more information about the egg donation journey and whether it is a good fit for you, contact our egg donor agency in Washington State today.

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Elevate Donors is an egg donor agency helping intended parents in the state of Washington. For intended parents looking to build a family, egg donation can be a great option. With years of experience serving high-profile and celebrity clients, we treat all intended parents with the same concierge-level service to ensure they experience overall joyful egg donation journeys.

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