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Starting a family should be a joyous and rewarding experience for anyone who dreams of having a child, but infertility issues can cause undue hardship. Sometimes, people will have to use donor eggs to make their hopes a reality. Egg donors can offer one of the greatest gifts, and if you are interested in egg donation, our team at Elevate Egg Donor Agency in Boston is here to help you get started and develop a plan that works best for you.

Our experienced, professional team always puts your health first. We offer open and honest communication about the process and our team will support you every step of the way. Our fast-growing agency is the gold standard for egg donation, and celebrities also trust us to help them start their families. We dedicate ourselves to going above and beyond when providing top-notch care and making the egg donation process as stress-free as possible. Contact our Boston egg donation agency today to get started on your new journey. 

What Is the Egg Donation Process Like in Boston?

Egg donation is a process that involves a woman having her healthy eggs retrieved to give to another recipient so that this individual can attempt to have a child. The steps we take to do this include the following:

  • The donor takes medication that allows her to produce several eggs during one menstrual cycle.
  • An IVF physician extracts the eggs with a needle attached to an ultrasound probe and gentle suction.
  • An embryologist evaluates the eggs to see if they are viable.
  • The embryologist will inject each viable egg with sperm from the male source.
  • The fertilized eggs are implanted in the recipient’s uterus.

When we extract eggs from a donor, we do so while they are under sedation and not awake. The procedure last about a half hour. Our Boston egg donor agency always treats our donors with respect and prioritizes their health first and foremost. Our team does everything it can so the donor and family have a successful journey.

Consider Donating Your Eggs to an Egg Donation Agency in Boston, MA

While donating your eggs has many benefits for those looking to start a family, it also presents many positives for the donor, which can include:

Giving the Gift of a Family

One of the most rewarding parts of donating your eggs is knowing you are helping to potentially make someone’s dream come true. Whether someone struggles with infertility due to genetics or past illnesses, or a gay couple who longs to have a family of their own, you can work towards bringing them great joy by donating your eggs.

Raising Awareness

Perhaps you know someone in your life who has struggled with infertility, or perhaps you know someone who has used egg donation to start their own family. By donating your eggs, you can raise awareness of infertility issues, and give a voice to those who have experienced the gift of egg donation firsthand.

Understanding Your Health and Fertility

When you donate your eggs, you receive thorough fertility and health tests and screenings. These examinations give you insight into any potential issues that could result in your own infertility. With this information, you can make decisions about your own future and personal health.

Freezing Eggs

You can also decide to freeze your eggs if you are unsure about your future and when you may want to start a family. Doing this allows you to freeze your eggs at the peak of your health so you can either use them to start a family later in life or donate them to someone in need.

Financial Compensation

Typically, money is not the main reason people donate their eggs, but we understand the importance of egg donors and their generosity, so we strive to recognize this through compensation. Money earned from egg donations can help donors become more financially independent. We want our elite donors to have the best possible experience working with us and provide unmatched services that make them feel comfortable at all times.

What Are Elevate Baby Egg Donor Requirements in Boston?

If you have thought about donating your eggs and think it may be the right choice for you, you first have to qualify to go through the process. At Elevate Egg Donor Agency, we follow the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines so we can provide our clients with the best possible egg donors in our database. When screening for potential donors, we consider the following criteria:

  • Between 20-30 years of age
  • Healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • Healthy antral follicle count (AFC)
  • Healthy Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) level
  • Passes psychological evaluation
  • Physically fit
  • Committed to making all appointments
  • Comfortable with self-injections
  • Meets educational requirements
  • Healthy family history
  • No major family history of cancer or mental illness
  • Wants to help families in need
  • Does not currently take ADD or ADHD medication

You may be the perfect candidate for donating your eggs if you possess these qualities. You can fill out our donor application to begin the screening process. Contact our egg donation agency in Boston, MA to get started. 

Start Planning Your Egg Donation Journey With Our Boston Egg Donation Agency

Whether you are looking to donate your eggs or perhaps start a family of your own, knowing where to start can be difficult. However, our Boston egg donation agency works to provide both donors and intended parents with a positive, comfortable experience. Our founders, Taylor Frey and Kyle Dean Massey used assisted reproductive methods to start their families, so they understand the process and are able to provide assistance to both egg donors and intended parents.

Elevate works with you every step of the way to make the best decisions for your health and unique needs. Our passion and dedication drive us to go above and beyond to help couples start families. For more information about becoming an egg donor, call us at (323) 933-8918 or fill out our contact form.

Getting Started

Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!