Colorado Surrogacy Laws


Making the decision to begin a surrogacy journey is an exciting time for intended parents who want to build a family. Surrogacy is a unique form of family planning that provides intended parents with the opportunity to be a part of milestone moments throughout the journey once they are matched with a qualified surrogate mother. To ensure that intended parents can feel confident moving forward with this joyful time in their lives, we at Elevate Baby want to ensure that they know everything there is to know regarding Colorado’s surrogacy laws.

Our trusted team of agents at Elevate Baby is dedicated to matching intended parents with qualified Colorado surrogates. An integral part of setting intended parents up for the best chance at success throughout their surrogacy journey is to ensure our surrogate mothers are qualified and meet our Colorado surrogacy agency screening criteria in addition to the guidelines set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. If you are ready to build your family, we are here to help you take the first step by ensuring you are well-versed in all of Colorado’s surrogacy laws and regulations.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Colorado?

When researching family planning options, many intended parents likely have some questions about the rules and regulations of surrogacy in the state of Colorado. While there are not any concrete surrogacy laws in Colorado, that does not mean surrogacy is not an option or that the surrogacy journey will be any more difficult within the state. Colorado is considered to be a surrogacy-friendly state, and Elevate Baby is happy to assist intended parents looking for a surrogate mother within the state.

As there are no laws that either permit or prohibit surrogacy in Colorado, it is especially important that intended parents work with our surrogacy agents who can provide guidance and assistance throughout each step of the journey. 

What Kind of Surrogacy is Legal in Colorado?

Both traditional and gestational surrogacy is technically legal in Colorado. Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate mother has a biological connection to the child they are carrying. Gestational surrogacy is when the surrogate mother, or gestational carrier, has no biological connection to the child they are carrying for the intended parents. 

Gestational surrogacy has many benefits and is widely considered by professionals to be the best path. For this reason and to guarantee that intended parents have the best chance at a successful surrogacy journey, Elevate Baby only offers gestational options for intended parents interested in surrogacy.

Do Colorado Surrogates Have to Meet Requirements?

Despite there being no concrete laws in place regarding surrogacy in Colorado, being a surrogate mother is a special job that cannot be done by just anyone. That is why Elevate Baby has regulations in place to ensure that the women who we match with intended parents are equipped with the qualities necessary to give the best possible chance of a successful surrogacy journey. 

The qualities that our surrogate mothers must meet include the following:

  • Surrogates must be between the age of 21 and 40
  • Surrogates should be healthy and have a BMI of 32 or below
  • Surrogates must be non-smoking and not partake in drug use
  • Surrogate mothers must have given birth to at least one healthy child, but must have not given birth more than five times
  • Surrogate mothers should have generally healthy pregnancy and delivery histories
  • A surrogate should have no more than two births via a cesarean section
  • Surrogates should be financially independent
  • A surrogate needs to have a reliable form of transportation
  • Surrogates should permanently reside in the United States in a surrogacy-friendly state
  • Surrogate mothers need to have a support system of family and friends

Elevate Baby follows the guidelines set forth by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine. These guidelines ensure the health of the fetus and surrogate alike and provide a great starting point for what will hopefully be a successful surrogacy journey. To begin your journey with Elevate Baby today, contact our team of Colorado surrogacy agents today to learn more about the laws and regulations in place.

Learn More About Colorado Surrogacy Laws With Elevate Baby

At Elevate Baby, we believe that the choice to begin pursuing surrogacy should be nothing short of exciting as you welcome the hope that comes from being matched with a surrogate who could carry and deliver your future child. We help ensure that intended parents feel knowledgeable about Colorado’s legal climate regarding surrogacy as they prepare to take the first step in their surrogacy journey.

The Elevate Baby team has years of experience serving high-profile clients and is proud to treat all intended parents with the same concierge-level service throughout their journeys. Contact us today for more information about Colorado’s surrogacy laws and how your surrogacy journey may be affected by calling (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form.

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