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While researching family planning options, many intended parents will learn that there are various different options available to them. While Elevate Baby does offer many services for egg donors, sperm donors, surrogates, and intended parents, gestational surrogacy offers intended parents the unique opportunity for a genetic connection between them and the child the surrogate will carry for them. To begin the surrogacy journey, Elevate Baby can help intended parents by providing them with the information necessary to ensure they feel as excited as they should for this special experience.

Elevate Baby is a surrogacy agency in Eugene, Oregon, that works to provide favorable matches between intended parents and the qualified surrogates we work with. Our goal in every match we make between surrogates and intended parents is in the hope of providing the best chance of a successful surrogacy journey. We ensure that the surrogate mothers we work with are qualified and meet our own agency screening criteria in addition to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines.

What Are the Different Types of Surrogacy?

When researching, intended parents may be surprised to find there are actually two official types of surrogacy. These two types are traditional and gestational surrogacy. When intended parents begin to consider surrogacy as a means to build a family, it is important they have knowledge of what makes traditional and gestational surrogacy different. 

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate mother is also the biological mother of the child they are carrying for the intended parents. This type of surrogacy is not a service that is offered at Elevate Baby.

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is when the gestational carrier, or surrogate, has no biological connection to the child they are carrying for intended parents. Gestational surrogacy is the only surrogacy service offered at Elevate Baby. 

Gestational surrogacy has many benefits and is widely considered to be the best path for intended parents and the surrogate alike. To learn more about options regarding gestational surrogacy, contact one of our Eugene surrogacy agents to learn more.

Is Gestational Surrogacy Right for You?

Gestational surrogacy is an exciting family planning option available to the intended parents who work with Elevate Baby. Our Eugene surrogacy agency works hard to match intended parents with qualified gestational carriers and will guide you through each step of the journey. Gestational surrogacy is often considered a favorable option for all types of families.

Heterosexual Intended Parents

Heterosexual intended parents who have chosen to pursue gestational surrogacy can use their own genetic material to complete their surrogacy journeys. Prior to matching  them with the surrogate who will carry their child, the doctor or fertility specialist the intended parents work with will retrieve eggs from the intended mother and fertilize them through in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the intended father’s sperm. 

An embryo will then be formed and the gestational carrier will have the embryo implanted. Many intended parents find the fact that their child will have a biological connection to them as a huge reason to pursue this type of surrogacy.

Same-Sex and Single Intended Parents

Female same-sex couples will need the help of a sperm donor to complete their surrogacy journey. Subsequently, male same-sex partners will need an egg donor for them to complete their journey. Single intended parents will need either an egg or sperm donor. 

For any questions you may have regarding gestational surrogacy and what your options are, contact our surrogacy agency in Eugene at any time.

Why Should Intended Parents Work With Our Surrogacy Agency in Eugene, Oregon?

Many intended parents may wonder whether working with a Eugene surrogacy agency is the right choice for them. At Elevate Baby, we offer the intended parents we work with the following services to help them through each step of their surrogacy journeys:

  • Screening potential surrogates
  • Case management services before, during, and after the journey
  • Matching intended parents with suitable surrogates
  • Counseling intended parents
  • Handling all legal processes
  • Handling insurance and medical billing
  • Helping ensure compliance with surrogacy regulations
  • Providing support to surrogates during pregnancy and after the birth of the child

It is our goal to ensure your surrogacy journey is as exciting and positive as it should be. To become matched with one of our qualified surrogates and take a step closer to parenthood, intended parents should reach out to our surrogacy agency in Eugene, Oregon, at Elevate Baby today.

Learn More About the Surrogacy Journey With Elevate Baby in Eugene, OR

At Elevate Baby, we understand that surrogacy should feel hopeful and exciting for intended parents who are matched with the surrogate who could carry and deliver their future child. We help ensure that intended parents feel confident about the surrogacy journey as they prepare to take the first step with our Eugene surrogacy agency.

The Elevate Baby surrogacy team has years of experience serving high-profile clients and treats all intended parents with the same concierge-level service throughout this exciting time. Contact our Eugene surrogacy agency today for more information about how to start your surrogacy journey by calling (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form

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Whether you are interested in surrogacy or egg donation as an intended parent or potential donor, the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Begin your journey today!