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For every family, the path to building a family is a little different. There are many reasons why some intended parents may have a longer journey to parenthood than others. For families in need of a helping hand when it comes to family planning, surrogacy is a wonderful option for those who are ready to realize their dream of welcoming a child into the world. 

Elevate Baby is a surrogacy agency in Hillsboro, Oregon that helps intended parents match with eligible surrogate mothers. Taking the first step in any family planning journey can be intimidating for intended parents as they try to decide whether surrogacy is the best path for them. That is why it is our goal at Elevate Baby to ensure that everyone we work with is informed of every aspect of what surrogacy will involve from the moment they are matched with one of our qualified surrogate mothers to the day that their child is born.

What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

There are two types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational. Traditional surrogacy allows the surrogate mother to have a biological link to the child that they will carry for the intended parents. Traditional surrogacy is not widely recommended due to the fact that the surrogate mother having a biological link to the child can present future disputes when it comes to the surrogate’s legal rights to custody of the child. For this reason, traditional surrogacy is not legal in many states. 

Our surrogacy agency in Hillsboro, Oregon only works with gestational surrogates. Gestational surrogacy is a type of surrogacy that requires the surrogate mother, or gestational carrier, to have no biological link to the child they carry. 

What Does Our Surrogacy Agency in Hillsboro Help With?

There are many benefits that come from entering into the exciting journey of surrogacy with a team of professionals from Elevate Baby. The surrogacy journey should be one filled with joy as intended parents finally get closer to their dream of building a family. However, some intended parents can easily become overwhelmed, as the prospect of having to find the right surrogate mother can be difficult. That is where our surrogacy agents come in. 

Not only can our Hillsboro surrogacy agency help match intended parents with a qualified surrogate mother, but we also offer the following benefits for everyone who works with our team:

  • We will screen all potential surrogates
  • We offer all of our surrogates fair compensation
  • Our surrogacy agents provide case management services
  • We match intended parents with suitable surrogates
  • Surrogacy agents can counsel intended parents
  • We can provide reproductive attorneys
  • Our agents can handle insurance and medical billing
  • Our agency is always in compliance with state laws

To discuss whether or not our Hillsboro surrogacy agency is the right fit, feel free to reach out to our team at Elevate Baby at any time. 

Why Surrogacy Is a Great Choice For Intended Parents

For those who are hopeful of accomplishing their dreams of becoming parents, surrogacy may seem like an obvious option to make their dreams a reality. However, with so many family planning options to choose from, there may be some intended parents who are unsure of whether surrogacy is the best path for them. 

For intended parents who are considering surrogacy to help them build a family, they should know that there are many reasons that surrogacy is a popular choice amongst those looking to welcome a child into their lives. Some of the factors that make surrogacy such a great option for intended parents in Hillsboro are:

  • Surrogates Make Building a Family Possible: For intended parents who have struggled with infertility, same-sex couples, single intended parents, and those with medical conditions that make pregnancy unsafe or impossible, surrogacy may be the answer to years of unsuccessful attempts to build a family.
  • Genetic Connection: Gestational surrogacy can provide the unique opportunity for one or both intended parents to maintain a biological link with their child.
  • Surrogacy Can Create Relationships: Intended parents will often forge a wonderful relationship with the surrogate mother who will carry their child, as they can be involved throughout the journey. 

There are so many benefits to surrogacy and how the overall journey will impact the lives of intended parents.

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Elevate Baby is a surrogacy agency helping intended parents, and surrogate mothers begin their journeys through our expert service and care. Our Hillsboro surrogacy agency is excited to be a part of this joyful time in intended parents’ lives as we ensure that everyone has the knowledge they need throughout each step of the surrogacy journey. 

With years of experience serving high-profile and celebrity clients, we treat all intended parents with the same concierge-level service to ensure joyful and successful journeys. We will go above and beyond to do the same for you. Contact us today for more information about our Hillsboro surrogacy agency by calling (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form

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