North Carolina Surrogacy Laws


When women are prepared to embark on their surrogacy journey, it’s crucial for them to have the essential knowledge that instills confidence in their decision to move forward into this exciting time. Since women may be ready to jump right into the surrogacy journey, our team will work with them every step of the way to help them understand the surrogacy laws in place for North Carolina so that their entire experience can be as stress-free and streamlined as possible. 

At Elevate Baby, it is always our goal to ensure that the intended parents and surrogates we work with feel supported throughout their journeys. Understanding the legalities surrounding the surrogacy journey is an important step of preparing, as it allows everyone involved to feel confident taking the first step. Our surrogacy professionals will go above and beyond to make sure that we can help in any way possible throughout every step, even after the child is born.

What Types of Surrogacy Are Legal in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, there are no laws that either allow or prohibit different types of surrogacy. In fact, the court systems in North Carolina are often favorable toward the surrogacy journey in the event that a legal matter does arise. Due to the fact that there are technically no laws regarding surrogacy in the state, both types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational, are technically legal. 

While both types of surrogacy are legal, our surrogacy agency only offers gestational surrogacy services. The two types of surrogacy are detailed below:

Traditional Surrogacy

This type of surrogacy is when the surrogate mother has a biological link to the child they carry. This type of surrogacy can cause potential complications due to the risk of legal issues in the future that relate to the surrogate’s legal custody rights to the child. Elevate Baby does not offer traditional surrogacy services.

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is when the surrogate, also sometimes referred to as a gestational carrier, has no biological link to the child they will carry. Elevate Baby only offers gestational surrogacy services.

Having knowledge of what gestational surrogacy is and what to expect from the journey is an important factor in helping intended parents feel confident as they take the first step towards building the family they have dreamed of. To learn more about gestational surrogacy and to match with one of our top-tier gestational carriers, contact our experienced surrogacy professionals today.

What Are the Qualifications Required to Be a Surrogate in North Carolina?

Becoming a surrogate mother is a remarkable role that demands tremendous responsibility. Surrogates are exceptional individuals who play a crucial part in helping families bring new life into the world by selflessly carrying their child. To ensure that these amazing women can embark on a successful surrogacy journey, our agency has established a comprehensive set of requirements for potential surrogates and all its beautiful responsibilities.

Our agency’s specific criteria is often more in depth than the state’s requirements. The eligibility requirements for surrogates at Elevate Baby include the following:

  • Surrogate mothers must be between the ages of 21 and 40 years old
  • Surrogates should have a body mass index of 32 or lower
  • Surrogate mothers should already have given birth and had a healthy pregnancy
  • Surrogate mothers should already be raising at least one child
  • Surrogate mothers should be healthy
  • Surrogate mothers should be non-smokers
  • Surrogate mothers should be financially stable
  • Surrogate mothers must be willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluations

Our goal for all intended parents and surrogates is to ensure that their surrogacy journey is joyful and without any unnecessary stress. If intended parents have additional questions regarding a surrogacy journey, contact our team of North Carolina surrogacy professionals at Elevate Baby today.

Learn More About Surrogacy Laws in North Carolina With Elevate Baby

We at Elevate Baby understand that surrogacy is an exciting opportunity for intended parents who have dreamt of building a family. That is why it is our goal to ensure that the journey goes as smoothly as possible by making sure everyone has a full understanding of the various laws regarding surrogacy in North Carolina. We go above and beyond to treat all of our clients with the same concierge-level services.

Our team of surrogacy professionals is passionate about helping make sure intended parents and surrogates feel supported throughout their journey. Contact us today for more information regarding surrogacy law in North Carolina by calling (323) 933-8918 or filling out our contact form

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