Top 6 Considerations for Choosing an Egg Donor

Stress. Anxiety. Indecisiveness.

We get it. Choosing the perfect egg donor can feel like an overwhelming decision for a couple. If you find yourself up at night worrying about who to choose, let us help you.

When it comes to finding a donor for your family, there are a lot of things to consider. The most important one is to remember that no donor will be 100% perfect. All women have some flaws, and that’s okay! That’s what makes them beautiful and unique.

You and your partner will want to be on the same page when it comes to some of the more important traits. Here’s a list of a few things you’ll want to consider.

Why is Ethnicity Important in Egg Donations?

Family traditions and cultures are important, no matter where you’re from. And every parent has the right to pass their own traditions and customs on to their children. We completely understand if the intended parents want their children to share their ethnicity.

Because of certain traditions and cultures, donors of particular ethnicities and religious backgrounds can be hard to find. For example, Asian donors and donors of Jewish descent are in high demand. And because of that, intended parents may end up paying more money to find these donors.

If ethnicity and religion are not so important to you or your partner, you could save money by choosing a readily available donor.

Why Physical Attributes Are Important for Egg Donations

Just as we want to share our cultures and traditions, most parents want their children to resemble themselves or their partner. This includes factors like height, hair color, and eye color.

More often than not, we find that couples will choose donors who look like they could be in the same family. By selecting a donor with similar looks, it gives their child a higher chance of looking like them. 

Want your child to have your mother’s blue eyes? What about red hair or natural curls? We are proud of our beautiful donors and all of their unique physical attributes. We’re sure you’ll find the attractive traits you’re looking for.

The Role of Personality Traits in Egg Donations

You may be dreaming of a tall, slender model with a business degree from Harvard. While this type of woman would be appealing as an egg donor, it may not be what you need.

Is having a degree from an Ivy League school significant to you? Or would you rather have a donor who loves to travel and plays the guitar?

Each donor has written introductory paragraphs about herself in her egg donor profile. Take the time to read each one. If she seems like a person you would want to get to know better and spend time with, then she might be a good option for egg donation. 

Just remember that each child is born with their own interests regardless of their parents’ talents.

Why Medical History is a Big Part of Egg Donations

At Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates, we require our egg donors to go through screenings before they are allowed to donate. 

These include:

Medical Screenings

Before we agree to represent a donor, she must pass specific requirements. When you choose a donor, you’ll want to note her personal and family medical history. Some factors, such as a family history of heart disease, may not disqualify her as a candidate. Still, if you have a similar history in your family, you may want to reconsider. 

Psychological screenings

Every egg donor is required to go through psychological testing for certain mental illnesses or learning disorders. 

We also need to make sure she understands what it means to donate her eggs. She must prove she’s sound of mind to make these decisions for herself.

 Genetic Screenings

The final step is to do genetic screening for both the egg donor and the intended parents. We can get a good idea if any genetic disorders could be passed along to the child. Again, this screening won’t break the deal, but it will provide more information for you to make the best decision possible.

Repeat Donor

Some of our donors are repeat donors. This means they have successfully donated before and are willing to donate again. 

The pros of using a repeat donor are that she knows the process and knows what to expect. Because she’s already donated, you can be assured that she will most likely produce viable eggs. 

But, because she has already donated before, your child could have biological siblings. This is why some intended parents choose to use a new donor and then require they only donate their eggs once.

Known Vs. Unknown

Before any contracts are signed, the intended parents will meet with a lawyer who specializes in egg donor contracts. One thing you’ll need to decide is if you want to know the donor or to remain anonymous. 

There’s no right or wrong answer. And it can vary by circumstance. Some parents want their child to know the egg donor and will keep in touch through pictures and cards while other parents will only exchange necessary information.

What Matters Most

What matters most is that the intended parents sit down and discuss all of these issues. Decide what’s most important and then go from there.

And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed and stressed, reach out and let us help you. After all, you’re going to want to get all the sleep you can now — before the baby arrives.

And when it comes to egg donation, it’s best to trust the professionals.

To learn more, contact the Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates. To become an egg donor, fill out our online application.


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