Why Couples Around the World Rely on Egg Donors

It’s a phrase that is becoming more and more well known. For a long time, the egg donation industry has been hidden from the public eye. But now, all that is starting to change. More and more couples are turning to egg donation to realize their life long dreams of having a family of their own.

The egg donation process takes the sperm from the intended father and fertilizes an egg from a donor. The embryo is then implanted for pregnancy. Either the intended mother or a surrogate can carry the baby.

But why is egg donation needed? And what does it mean for the intended parents involved?

The Many Causes of Infertility

Infertility comes in many different ways and affects even more couples. Some couples may not be able to get pregnant at all, while other women may be perfectly capable of carrying a pregnancy, but will have a problem with her eggs or ovaries. 

Infertility problems include:


When women enter their mid-30s, their fertility decreases. This is due to a reduction in the number and the quality of her egg in the ovaries. Because of this, it makes it harder and harder for a woman to get pregnant as she gets older.

Age is also a factor in men as well. As men reach 40, their sperm count lowers. 

We live in a modern era where people are starting their families later in life. This means that when a couple is ready to start family, biologically, it may be too late.

Ovarian Disorders

Some women suffer from Premature Ovarian Failure. This means that their ovaries stop working prematurely. 

Other conditions that can affect the ovaries are treatments associated with cancer such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. 

If a woman has conditions or disorders that affect her ovaries, her only option for having a child could be egg donation. 

When a couple decides to use an egg donor, it’s usually after multiple failed attempts of conceiving and carrying a child on their own. It comes after years of negative pregnancy tests, heartbreaking miscarriages, and astronomical out of pocket expenses.


With genetic testing becoming more and more reliable, we’re starting to understand the risks associated with certain genetic disorders. 

For some women, using their own eggs is simply too great of a risk because of certain genetic conditions that could be passed onto the baby. These risks include chromosomal issues, severe birth defects, and devastating miscarriages. 

Women in these situations who want to be mothers have the option of using donor eggs to avoid these risks. 

Egg donors are screened carefully, and genetic testing to done to ensure their eggs will have the highest chance at becoming a viable embryo.

Male Couples

A lot of times people associate egg donation with infertility in couples, but there are other families that are in search of egg donors: gay male couples. 

For a gay male couple, the path to fatherhood is long and complicated. They still face discrimination when it comes to adoption and becoming fathers. Egg donation and surrogacy is a way for gay fathers to have a family.

It also allows the fathers to have a genetic connection with their children as they can use their own sperm to fertilize the egg.

Why Donate?

If you’re a young, healthy woman between the ages of 19 and 30, we encourage you to consider donating your eggs to a family in need. 

When you donate your eggs, you’re helping a couple grow a family they could not have otherwise. Because of egg donors, couples can become the parents they have always wanted to be.

In addition to helping other families, egg donors are compensated generously for their time. They can earn anywhere from $18,000 to $30,000 per cycle.

Donors From Around the World Needed

There is a need for egg donors from all nationalities and ethnic groups. Couples looking for egg donors come from all different walks of life. And because of certain stigmas or traditions, egg donors of certain ethnic groups are harder to come by than others. 

Currently, Asian egg donors are in high demand and would receive additional compensation when they donate their eggs. 

At Elevate Egg Donors and Surrogates, we work with intended parents and egg donors from all around the world. No matter where you live, we can help you build the family you’ve always dreamed of.

No Boundaries

Intended parents want to find the perfect donor no matter where in the world she may be. We are the ones who will help them find her. We have an international donor program where we travel to foreign countries to find the best donors. 

If you’re interested in egg donation or are looking for a donor, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you every step of the way — no matter where in the world you’re located.


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