Why More Fathers are Seeking Surrogacy

Gender roles are changing. And that’s a good thing.

Society is becoming more and more accepting of families of all shapes and sizes, and the traditional roles of mothers and fathers are being challenged.

Currently, we see a trend of single fathers and gay couples taking advantage of egg donation and surrogacy to create the families they’ve always wanted. These men are successful, caring men who want to have a family and are willing to take on the task without a woman.

We applaud these men.

Here’s what we have noticed about these fathers who are seeking egg donation and surrogacy.

These Men are Successful

Usually, men who are looking into egg donation and surrogacy have well-paying jobs and have found success in their careers. What they’re missing is a dependable homelife. They want a family to come home to and a child to play with while they’re young and full of energy. 

This makes them motivated to start the surrogacy regardless of their personal relationship status.

These Men are Resilient

Men who want to pursue egg donation and surrogacy are willing to do so regardless of cultural opinions. 

Think about it, did you know many single fathers or gay fathers 20 or 30 years ago? Now, these family units are becoming more and more common as these fathers are willing to go against social norms to make their personal dreams come true.

Even in countries such as China, where surrogacy is illegal, men are finding ways to become the fathers they want to be. Chinese men are finding surrogates in the United States to carry their babies. This allows them to become fathers without breaking any laws.

These Men are Channeling Change

Throw all those gender stereotypes aside. Men who are seeking surrogacy are ready to have a family now, and they don’t want to wait. They may be gay, or maybe they just haven’t found the perfect partner. Either way, they’re not afraid to take the task on by themselves. 

There’s no perfect formula for a family. Some families have a mother and a father, some two mothers, some two fathers, and some have single parents. The only thing they need to have is unconditional acceptance and love for their child, and any gender can give that to their baby.

Options for Fathers

When it comes to finding egg donors and surrogates, there are a few ways that potential fathers can go about it.

Finding an Egg Donor

If a man wants to have a child, he first needs to find an egg donor. An egg donor is a woman who will donate her eggs. The father’s sperm will fertilize her eggs. From there the embryos can either be frozen for future use or implanted into a surrogate.

You’ll want to choose your egg donor carefully as she will be genetically linked to your child. Find an egg donor that you feel connected to. Read through their bios and consider whether you’d like to spend time with that donor. 

It’s also important to get a full medical background of any donor you choose.

Egg donors are usually found through a reputable agency.

Finding a Surrogate

A surrogate is a woman who carries the baby full term. She will be implanted with an embryo and then will carry the baby for nine months until the baby is ready to be born. 

There are different requirements for egg donors and surrogates. Egg donors are women between the ages of 20 and 30 who have healthy eggs while a surrogate is a woman who has had successful pregnancies and can carry a baby to full term.

As the intended father, you’ll be responsible for all costs during her pregnancy. This includes compensation and making sure the surrogate is insured.

In some cases, the egg donor and the surrogate can be the same woman. But since egg donors and surrogates must fulfill different requirements, it’s hard to find a woman who can do both.

We're Here to Help all Fathers

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