5 Things That May Disqualify a Potential Surrogate

Women interested in pursuing surrogacy will want to first be sure that they would be good candidates. Specific restrictions can vary between different agencies and clinics, but in general there are several things that will disqualify potential surrogates across the board.


Most clinics only accept healthy women between the ages of 21 and 45 to become surrogates. If you are under 21 and interested in becoming a surrogate, waiting a few years to solidify your decision before moving forward with an agency is a good choice.

Pregnancy or Gynecological Complications

Gestational surrogates are the carrier of a pregnancy for another family. Because of this, it is important that surrogates do not have a history of serious pregnancy complications that could make carrying a surrogate pregnancy dangerous. Some of these complications include a history of pre-eclampsia, drug use in pregnancy, endometriosis, or more than 3 cesarean section births.


Although specific BMI requirements can vary from clinic to clinic, typically women over 34 body-mass-index will be disqualified as potential surrogates. Some clinics are more stringent and accept surrogates who are 30 BMI and under only.

Other Lifestyle Requirements

Surrogates must meet certain lifestyle requirements to be approved by an agency and clinic. Applicants who are smokers, do not have stable housing, or have a history of illegal drug use will be disqualified as surrogates. Additionally, women currently managing mental health with the use of depression or anxiety medication will not be able to continue the surrogacy process.

Number of Pregnancies

Lastly, number of pregnancies can be a disqualifier for potential surrogates. Women must have at least had one live birth before applying to become a surrogate. However, surrogates who have had more than 5 births are typically denied. Pregnancy and birth requirements for surrogates are 5 or fewer vaginal births and/or 3 or fewer cesarean sections births.

Learn More About Whether You Qualify as a Potential Surrogate at Elevate

While requirements can seem strict, we appreciate the generous spirit of every surrogacy applicant. To learn more about if you may be a good candidate for gestational surrogacy, reach out today.


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