What Type of Egg Donation is Right for You?

Egg donation is a wonderful gift that can help couples and individuals who want to grow their family but are unable to do so on their own. If you are considering egg donation, there are two main decisions you will need to make: the route to choose and whether to be a known or anonymous donor.

Choosing an Egg Donation Route

There are three main routes to consider when it comes to egg donation: working with a single IVF clinic’s in-house donor program, signing up with an egg donation agency, or donating through a frozen egg bank. Each of these options has its benefits, but working with an egg donation agency typically offers more in the way of compensation and overall experience.

Working with an IVF clinic can be a more straightforward process. However, you may not receive as much compensation, and you may not have as much control over the process or the intended parents you’re donating to.

Signing up with an egg donation agency offers more in the way of compensation, control over the process, and support. Donors typically receive higher compensation rates by working with an agency.  Typical donor compensations at top agencies can be from $10,000 to $15,000 per donation cycle, and in some cases more. Donors working with agencies may have more control in the process and be given more choices when it comes to matching.  Agency donors may also receive special perks, including flights, hotels and per diem while traveling, as well as offer more support throughout the process.

Using a frozen egg bank may be a good option if you’re looking to have an immediate retrieval.  Frozen egg banks typically have the lowest compensation rates, usually beginning around $3,000 per cycle.  Egg banks will separate egg yields into cohorts (or lots) of 6-8 eggs which may be split between different intended parents.  Donors will have little to no control over how many families are recipients of their donations.

Known vs. Anonymous Egg Donation

Once you have decided on a route for egg donation, you will need to decide whether you want to be a known or anonymous donor.

Known egg donation, or directed donation, involves donating your eggs to someone you know, such as a family member or friend.   In some cases it may also refer to an egg donor who has matched with a couple or individual and gets to know them through the egg donation process. While being a known egg donor can be a more complex and emotionally challenging process at times, many prefer this type of arrangement.  Some known egg donors will stay in contact with their recipients long after the donation is complete and continue to get updates on any children that may result from their donation.  For some, this can be a psychologically fulfilling arrangement.

Anonymous egg donation involves donating your eggs to a recipient that you do not know. The main benefit of anonymous egg donation is that it can be less emotionally taxing, and you may have more privacy. However, you may not have any information about the intended parents or the child that is born as a result of your donation.

It’s important to weigh the benefits and challenges of each option when deciding whether to be a known or anonymous donor. If you decide to be a known donor, it’s crucial to have open and honest communication with the intended parents about your expectations and boundaries.

Another important consideration is the Donor Sibling Registry, a non-profit organization that helps donor-conceived individuals connect with their genetic relatives. If you choose to donate anonymously, it’s worth considering whether you would be comfortable with the possibility of being contacted by donor-conceived individuals in the future.  At Elevate we refer to this option as “semi-known,” or “semi-open.”

Whatever path an egg donor takes regarding level of anonymity, whether known, anonymous, or semi-known, it’s important to remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” choice.  Each egg donor is unique and comes to the donation process with different expectations and reasons for donating.  Egg donors who donate multiple times even have the option to change their choices from donation to donation.

Egg donation can be a wonderful and rewarding experience for both donors and recipients. When considering egg donation, it’s important to weigh the benefits and challenges of each route and decide whether to be a known or anonymous donor. By making thoughtful and informed decisions, you can help create a family and make a meaningful impact on someone’s life while enriching your own.  For more information regarding working with Elevate as an egg donor, please contact us at info@elevatebaby.com or complete our online application HERE.


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