How to Talk With Your Employer About Surrogacy Maternity Leave

Becoming a surrogate mother at Elevate Surrogacy is a remarkable and selfless decision to help another family create their dream of having a child. As a surrogate, you will embark on an emotionally fulfilling journey, but it’s also important to address practical considerations, such as maternity leave. Discussing surrogacy maternity leave with your employer may seem daunting, but with careful preparation and open communication, you can navigate this conversation smoothly. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to approach your employer about surrogacy maternity leave.

  • Know Your Rights and Company Policies

Before initiating any conversation, educate yourself about your rights as a surrogate mother and familiarize yourself with your company’s maternity leave policies. Laws and policies regarding surrogacy maternity leave can vary by country and state, so research the specific regulations that apply to your situation. Having this knowledge will empower you during discussions and enable you to advocate for your rights confidently.

  • Get Advice

Elevate Surrogacy Agency offers a valuable resource for all our surrogates through our monthly support meetings. During these gatherings, all Elevate Surrogates have the opportunity to come together and share their experiences, including requesting surrogacy maternity work leave. These meetings provide a safe and supportive space to gather information and advice from fellow surrogates who have navigated similar situations. 

  • Plan the Conversation

Approaching your employer about surrogacy maternity leave requires thoughtful planning. Schedule a meeting with your employer or human resources representative to discuss the matter privately. Choose a time when your employer is not overly stressed or preoccupied with pressing matters, as this will ensure they can give your conversation the attention it deserves.

  • Present Your Case with Clarity

When discussing surrogacy maternity leave, be clear and concise in your communication. Start by expressing your enthusiasm and commitment to your role in the company. Then, explain your decision to become a surrogate and the importance of taking maternity leave to ensure a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Address any concerns your employer may have, such as the impact on your work responsibilities and potential leave duration. Assure them that you have considered all possible arrangements to ensure a smooth transition during your absence.

  • Share Information about Surrogacy Maternity Leave

Since surrogacy is less common than traditional pregnancies, your employer may not be familiar with the specific details of maternity leave for surrogates. Provide them with relevant information about the process and any medical requirements that may necessitate time off before and after the birth. Collaborate with your medical provider to create a clear timeline for the leave, which you can share with your employer.

  • Propose a Leave Plan

When discussing your surrogacy maternity leave, present a well-thought-out leave plan to minimize disruptions to your team and the company. Offer suggestions for potential temporary replacements, outline how your responsibilities can be managed during your absence, and express your willingness to assist in training your interim replacement.

  • Discuss Benefits and Pay

Be prepared to discuss whether you will be eligible for paid or unpaid leave during your surrogacy journey. If your company provides paid maternity leave for employees, inquire if this policy extends to surrogate mothers as well. If not, consider negotiating a fair arrangement based on your situation and the duration of the leave.

  • Emphasize Commitment and Return to Work

Reiterate your dedication to your job and your intention to return to work after your surrogacy maternity leave. Assure your employer that you will make every effort to smoothly transition back into your role and contribute to the company’s success.

Initiating a conversation about surrogacy maternity leave with your employer may seem challenging, but open communication and preparation are key to a successful discussion. By knowing your rights, presenting your case with clarity, and proposing a well-structured leave plan, you can address this important matter with confidence. Remember, the decision to become a surrogate is a deeply personal and selfless act, and employers should be supportive of their employees during this extraordinary journey.  At Elevate we are here to help however we can.  To learn more about our surrogacy program, please email us at or click HERE to complete our 2-minute surrogacy application.


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