4 Ways to Find Financial Help for Surrogacy

Bringing a new life into the world through surrogacy can be a beautiful and fulfilling journey, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. From medical expenses to legal fees and agency costs, the financial burden can be overwhelming for many intended parents. However, there’s good news: there are various avenues through which you can seek financial assistance to make your surrogacy dreams a reality. In this article, we’ll explore four effective ways to find financial help for surrogacy.

1. Explore Workplace Benefits and Health Insurance

The first step in your search for financial assistance is closer than you might think – your workplace. Many companies nowadays offer benefits related to assisted reproduction. Consult your Human Resources representative to see if your company provides any support in this area. Some organizations partner with platforms like Carrot and Progeny to offer substantial financial assistance towards assisted reproduction. Don’t forget to carefully review your health insurance benefits booklet as well. Some health plans might cover certain aspects of assisted reproduction, such as medical screening costs for intended parents and specific lab work. By thoroughly understanding your workplace benefits and health insurance coverage, you could uncover unexpected avenues of financial relief.

2. Pursue Grants from Specialized Organizations

Numerous organizations are dedicated to helping individuals and couples who are pursuing assisted reproduction. These organizations offer grants that can either fully cover the cost of assisted reproduction or provide significant discounts. For instance, Men Having Babies (menhavingbabies.org/) and Forming Families Foundation (formingfamiliesfoundation.org) are two such organizations that offer support tailored specifically to those embarking on the assisted reproduction journey. Applying for grants from these organizations can be a game-changer for your surrogacy plans, providing you with essential financial assistance to ease the financial burden.

3. Consider Assisted Reproduction Loans

If grants aren’t a feasible option for you, another avenue to explore is securing a loan specifically for assisted reproduction. Several financial institutions offer loans designed to help intended parents cover the expenses of surrogacy and IVF treatments. Notable institutions like Sofi (https://www.sofi.com/personal-loans/ivf-loans/), Ally (https://www.ally.com/personal-loans/medical-loans/fertility-financing/), Capex (http://www.capexmd.com), and Sunfish (https://joinsunfish.com) specialize in offering financial solutions for fertility treatments. These loans can provide you with the necessary funds upfront, allowing you to proceed with your surrogacy plans without unnecessary delays.

4. Utilize Crowdfunding to Rally Support

In today’s digital age, crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way to raise funds for various causes, including family building. Setting up a crowdfunding campaign enables you to reach out to your social network and beyond, inviting friends, family, and even strangers to contribute to your surrogacy journey. Platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter provide user-friendly interfaces for creating and sharing your campaign. This method not only allows you to gather financial assistance but also lets your loved ones contribute in a meaningful way to your dream of parenthood.

In conclusion, the financial challenges associated with surrogacy should not deter you from pursuing the path to parenthood. By exploring workplace benefits, applying for grants, considering loans, and utilizing crowdfunding, you can access various avenues of financial assistance to make your surrogacy journey more feasible. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and there are resources available to help you fulfill your dreams of creating a loving family.  To learn more about how Elevate can help you financially plan for your surrogacy journey, please contact us at info@elevatebaby.com, or by calling 323.933.8918.


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