Preparing for Birth: Surrogacy Checklist

Bringing a new life into the world is a remarkable journey, and for surrogates, it’s a journey filled with profound emotions and responsibilities. As you approach the exciting moment of birth, careful preparation becomes paramount. To ensure a smooth and memorable experience, consider this comprehensive checklist that covers essential aspects of your surrogacy journey.

1. Legal Documents: Secure Your Peace of Mind

While legalities are typically handled by attorneys and agencies, it’s wise to have your own set of legal documents for your peace of mind. Although the hospital and intended parents may already have copies on hand, having a personal copy can save time and stress during the birth process. Legal documents, such as surrogacy agreements, medical consent forms, and any relevant legal paperwork, should be readily accessible. Make sure these documents are properly filed and organized in a secure folder.

2. Personal Hospital Gown: Comfort and Privacy

When the moment arrives to welcome the new life you’ve carried for months, comfort and privacy are invaluable. Many surrogates opt to bring their own hospital gown. While hospital-issued gowns serve their purpose, they may lack the personal touch and comfort that your own gown can offer. Wearing something that reflects your personality and makes you feel at ease can enhance your birthing experience.

3. Support System on Standby: Family and Childcare

As a surrogate, your primary focus during labor and delivery is the well-being of the baby and the intended parents. However, having a solid support system in place for yourself is equally crucial. Ensure you have a plan for your children’s care while you’re in the hospital. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or trusted childcare provider, having someone you trust ready to step in at a moment’s notice ensures you can focus on the birth without worry.

4. Birth Plan: Your Vision for the Day

While reputable agencies help you develop a birth plan well in advance, having a hard copy with you is a wise move. A birth plan outlines your preferences for labor and delivery, including medical interventions, pain relief options, and other aspects of the birthing process. Having a physical copy ensures that medical professionals and intended parents are aware of your wishes, and it can be a useful reference point if any changes need to be made during the birth process.

5. Breast Pump and Collection Supplies: A Gift of Nourishment

If you’ve agreed to provide breast milk for the baby after birth, it’s essential to remember your breast pump and collection supplies. While hospitals might provide some equipment, having your own ensures you’re well-prepared. If you’re planning to collect colostrum, consider bringing your own collection tubes or bags, as hospitals might not always have these on hand. Your dedication to providing nourishment can be a priceless gift to the baby and intended parents.

As you approach the culmination of your surrogacy journey, these preparations can help create an environment of confidence, comfort, and support. The journey you’re undertaking is one of selflessness, compassion, and incredible strength. By considering these aspects and planning ahead, you’re ensuring that your experience, as well as that of the intended parents and the baby, is filled with positivity and care.

In the end, the journey from pregnancy to birth is a unique and transformative experience. Your dedication and willingness to bring joy to another family’s life are nothing short of extraordinary. As you check off these items from your surrogacy checklist, remember that you’re not only preparing for the birth of a new life but also for the birth of lasting bonds, cherished memories, and a legacy of love.  To learn more about becoming an Elevate Surrogate, please contact us at, or 323.933.8918.  You can also complete our 2-minute initial online application HERE.


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