What to Look for In A Reproductive Attorney

When intended parents choose to go forward with starting their surrogacy journey, the energy surrounding the experience should be buzzing with excitement and joy. While preparing for the surrogacy should be joyful, there are some more serious aspects as well like preparing for the legal procedures that come with the process. That is where a reproductive attorney comes in. They can help represent the ideas and interests of the intended parents. 

Elevate Baby is a surrogacy agency that works to guide intended parents through the entire process by coordinating with all of the various parties involved in a typical surrogacy journey, including a reproductive attorney, that will help ensure they are protected and represented legally. Our surrogacy professionals can help intended parents find the right reproductive attorney for their journey based on specific criteria that can help ensure the attorney will be a good fit.

Four Qualifications That Make a Great Reproductive Attorney 

The team of surrogacy professionals at Elevate Baby are passionate about ensuring that each surrogacy journey is a positive one from one step to the next. While choosing a reproductive attorney may not sound as exciting as other aspects of the journey, ensuring that the legal professional who will represent intended parents through the legal proceedings involved in surrogacy is important and can make sure the overall experience is as stress-free as possible. 

When coordinating the match of a reproductive attorney with intended parents, Elevate Baby looks for the following four qualifications that we believe will ensure that the legal proceedings go smoothly.

The Reproductive Attorney Uses the Right Terms

When describing themselves and their experience, a reproductive attorney should use any of the following terms:

  • Alternate reproductive technology law, or ART law
  • Family formation law
  • Fertility law
  • Reproductive law

Any of these terms help inform intended parents that the attorney is practiced in fertility law and specializes in that area.

The Attorney Has Sufficient Experience

While an attorney may specialize in fertility law, they should have specific experience handling surrogacy-specific issues and processes. Because the surrogacy process is complicated, Elevate Baby will make sure that an attorney has already worked through the process in the past to ensure they can properly represent intended parents.

The Reproductive Attorney is Properly Licensed

A reproductive attorney should have a license from the American Bar Association (ABA) in your state, or from The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorney (AAAA). This licensing shows that a reproductive attorney is qualified and legally allowed to work on a case for intended parents. 

The Attorney is Recommended By Elevate Baby

Intended parents can be rest assured that an attorney has adequate experience in the legal aspects of surrogacy when our agency recommends their legal services. Our surrogacy agency keeps a list of preferred legal professionals to work with based on professionalism and success to recommend to our clients.

Finding the right reproductive attorney does not have to be overwhelming when you work with Elevate Baby to find an agency-recommended attorney who meets all of the above criteria. We can help ensure your legal procedures go as smoothly as possible. At Elevate, all legal services are included in our agency fee which greatly helps streamline the entire surrogacy process.

Elevate Baby Can Help You Find a Qualified Reproductive Attorney Today

Our supportive Elevate Baby team is happy to help clients coordinate with one of the reproductive attorneys we trust and recommend for their surrogacy journeys. We are here to encourage and help you build your family in a process that is joyful and exciting while also ensuring your rights are properly represented by a qualified legal professional. 

Elevate Baby provides concierge-level services to all types of intended parents who have trusted us to help them as they look forward to building a family. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to give you an overall positive experience so that you can focus on realizing your dreams of parenthood. To schedule a consultation today, call us at (323) 933-8918 or fill out our contact form.


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