Advice on Supporting Your Loved One During the Surrogacy Process

Bringing a child into the world is a momentous occasion, regardless of how it happens. For intended parents who are on the path of surrogacy, the journey can be filled with both excitement and challenges. While your loved one may not be the one physically carrying their baby to term, there are numerous ways you can actively support your them and ensure you’re involved in the beautiful process of gestation. In this article, we’ll explore some meaningful ways to support your loved one during the surrogacy process.

  • Download a Gestational Tracking App: In today’s digital age, there’s an app for almost everything, including tracking the development of a baby during the gestational period. By downloading such an app, you can follow the baby’s growth and development week by week. This not only provides valuable information but also helps you feel more connected to the process. Sharing these updates and discussing them with your loved one can enhance both theirs and your emotional bond with the unborn child.
  • Accompany Them to OBGYN Appointments with the Surrogate: Many surrogates live in different locations from intended parents, which often requires traveling for OBGYN appointments. Show your unwavering support by making the trip to accompany your loved one to the next checkup. These appointments are crucial milestones in the journey, and your presence can help alleviate any anxiety or concerns your loved one may have.
  • Give Them a Belly Speaker: Belly speakers are a thoughtful and unique gift for those growing their family through gestational surrogacy. These devices allow you to record a voice, which can then be played to the baby in utero. It’s a touching way for intended parents to establish an early bond with their child before birth. The soothing sound of the parent’s voice can be a source of comfort and connection throughout the gestational period.
  • Offer Practical Assistance Before the Due Date: As the due date approaches, many intended parents need to leave home for extended periods to be close to the surrogate. Offering to house sit, take care of pets, handle trash, and collect mail can make a significant difference. These small gestures ensure that your loved one can focus on the surrogacy process without worrying about the daily chores that need attention.
  • Plan a Baby Shower: Planning a baby shower is not exclusive to traditional pregnancies. Including your loved one’s surrogate in the celebration is a meaningful way to honor her role in bringing the child into the world. The baby shower is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the journey that intended parents go through during surrogacy. It can be a joyous occasion that unites everyone involved.

The surrogacy process can be emotionally charged, and the support of loved ones plays a vital role in making it a positive experience for intended parents and their surrogate.  Remember that surrogacy is a shared journey, and every step taken is a triumph. Cherishing the process, celebrating the milestones, and continuing to show love and gratitude all involved will help make your loved one feel supported from start to finish.

Elevate Surrogacy is proud to help intended parents match with their dream surrogate to help them build their family.  Our founders are parents through surrogacy and fully understand the support needed to gracefully navigate this process.  To learn more about how Elevate can help you achieve your family building goals, please contact us today.


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