How Instagram Can Be a Great Online Community to talk About Ferility Issues

Alternative family planning and infertility are lonely and isolating. When you see family and friends having babies and spending time with their kids, it’s hard not to feel sadness and a sense of being a little left out.

Any couples dealing with infertility or alternative family planning need a supportive community to help them through the painful and tedious journey. They need people who understand what they are going through and who are willing to offer advice.

Want to know one of the best places to find a great, supportive community? Instagram.

We get that when it comes to finding resources regarding infertility and family planning, social media may not come to mind. Still, Instagram is a great way to connect with others going through the same battle as you and your partner.

Hashtags to Know

Instagram is known for their hashtags. A hashtag is a way to connect specific topics or events on social media. They make it easier to find posts specific to what you are looking for. 

According to Instagram, in the past two months, more than 50,000 hashtags have been used regarding fertility. Here is a list of some of the more popular ones. 

Fertility Hashtags

#TTC (Trying to Conceive)




#BFP (Big Fat Positive)



#infertility sucks

#infertility awareness

#PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Gay Parent Hashtags














Searching any of these hashtags will be a good place to start. You’ll find accounts that are willing to open up and talk about infertility and gay families and other topics that seem to be taboo among other circles of friends. 

Helpful Accounts

We know, Instagram can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to navigate through the millions of users to find the ones who are open, honest, and willing to give helpful advice. Here are a few of our favorite fertility accounts that are helpful.


Meet Wendy. Besides having amazing red hair, Wendy is an ex-lawyer turned writer. She is hilarious and astute. She provides comedic relief to her followers regarding the uncomfortable way infertility sneaks into daily life. 

Follow her for her sense of humor and her ‘fertilifacts.’


An anonymous man gives his take on infertility, including insight to that forbidden room — also known as the sperm sample room. This is a lighthearted, but honest account told from the man’s point of view. 

It is a great follow for men who don’t feel they have a place in the infertility world and for women to understand the man’s point of view better.


The husband and wife team started this account to prove that infertility doesn’t have to be lonely and isolating. Their goal is to change the conversation from confusing and stressful to positivity and empowerment.

Follow for real-life stories and uplifting quotes. 


The ART of infertility is a unique account that uses all mediums of art to highlight infertility struggles.  They will also share relevant articles and news regarding government policies involving family planning. 

Follow for a unique and raw perspective on infertility and how it affects each person individually. 


The Gay Dads Podcast is about two dads who are in the thick of raising their kids. They are an excellent resource for any gay couple who may have questions regarding egg donation or surrogacy. Their whole goal is to normalize the gay family.

Follow for an entertaining look into their personal family life. 

Find Your Online Community

Instagram is a great place to connect with other couples going through or who have already gone through infertility and alternative family planning. These accounts are willing to share the ups and downs of what they have experienced and want to pass on what they have learned. 

Another great resource is our very own Agency. We can walk you through the process and answer all your questions regarding the IVF process and surrogacy. Don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to help you build the family you’ve always dreamed of. 


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