What to Know About Covid-19s Impact on Fertility Treatments

Here at Elevate, we are dedicated to staying up to date on any impact Covid-19 has on fertility treatments. We care about our clients and believe it is essential to keep them informed. Changes are being made that will affect them personally as they try to build their families.

We understand the devastating implant Covid-19 has had on some couples and intended parents. They have had to change their family planning because of the virus.

While we cannot provide medical advice, here are some of the most asked questions regarding the impact Covid-19 has had on fertility treatments.

How Will Covid-19 Affect Egg Retrieval or Embryo Transfer?

You can be assured that we only work with the best fertility clinics in the country. And because we only work with the best, we are confident that they are following all CDC guidelines to ensure that all of our patients are safe.

Because of the CDC’s safety guidelines, appointments may need to be rescheduled to ensure proper cleaning of equipment, restocking of protective gear, and maintaining social distancing. 

Aside from the additional precautions, your egg retrieval or embryo transfer should take place as planned — As long as the county and state allow businesses to stay open.

We advise our patients to be in close contact with their physicians as we all know the situation can change. 

What if a Retrieval or Transfer is Postponed?

We understand how frustrating it can be to be ready to go and then cancel or postpone a procedure. Please understand this is our last choice. For reasons out of our control, there is the possibility that a retrieval or transfer may have to be postponed or rescheduled.

We will do everything we can to get your cycle back on the calendar as soon as IVF clinics resume treatments.

Will Covid-19 Affect a Pregnancy?

Of course, the ideal pregnancy would be when the mother is healthy throughout the entire pregnancy. That being said, the effects of Covid-19 on pregnant mothers and pregnancy seems to be minimal.

Based on the data we have, the risk of a mother passing the virus to a baby appears low. Covid-19 also seems to affect those older than 60 and those who have underlying health issues. 

A healthy young woman has a lower chance of being infected by the virus and should be able to carry a child safely. 

Why are Fertility Treatments Considered 'Elective'?

We can safely say that no one at Elevate or any of our providers considers your fertility treatment elective. 

The distinction comes from defining a treatment that can be postponed for a few days as elective versus a procedure that must be done immediately under emergent circumstances. 

Please understand that many urgent procedures have been postponed as well, including orthopedic surgeries, kidney stone surgeries, and dental treatments. 

When Will Normal Fertility Treatment Resume?

Honestly, I wish we had a crystal ball to answer this question. The truth is, no one knows for sure when life will get back to “normal.” 

Fertility clinics will need to adhere to individual county and state mandates. As soon as it is deemed safe, and the likelihood of transmission is reduced, restrictions will be lifted. 

This Has Been Hard to Handle. What Resources are Available?

No doubt going through fertility treatments is stressful. Then add a global pandemic on top of it, and it’s almost too much for anyone to handle. 


Here are some things you can do to handle your stress:

  • Contact your clinic for a referral for a trained mental health provider to help talk about any issues.

  • Get accurate information from reliable resources.

  • Limit social media and other fake news sources. There is a lot of false information being published that can lead to anxiety and depression.

  • Meditate

  • Find other ways to keep busy besides Covid-19 related topics

The most important thing you can do while waiting for your fertility treatment is to take care of yourself. We are living in unprecedented times where everything seems to be up in the air. Take the time you need to refocus and stay grounded.

We're Here for You

The Pandemic has thrown us all for a loop. Please understand that our clients are the most important thing to us, and we are doing all we can to make sure they are taken care of during this time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and concerns. We’re here for you and will do our best to keep you up to date with all the latest and most relevant information. 


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