How Egg Donations are Opening Doors to Parenthood for Same Sex Couples

It wasn’t that long ago that adopting a child was the only way a same-sex couple could have a family.

And even then, the process was long and expensive, with many discriminatory hurdles to jump through. And even after all that, there was no guarantee of a baby.

Today, because of incredible medical advancements, we can now offer same-sex couples the option of egg donation. Here’s how the egg donation industry is changing lives and opening doors for same-sex couples.

Egg Donor vs. Adoption

We think adoption is an excellent alternative for parents who aren’t able to get pregnant. There are many babies and children who need a loving home to grow up in. 

But we know that adoption isn’t for everyone. A lot of couples find it almost impossible to find a child to adopt. Adoption has changed in the past few decades because of harsher international laws getting harder and harder for families to be able to afford adoption.

Because of the uncertainty that comes with adopting, many same-sex intended parents are leaning toward egg donations to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. 

Intended parents have more control over the timing and the results of the egg donor process than they do with adoption.

Why Is Egg Donation Important?

The best aspect of egg donation is the fact that the fathers can be genetically linked to their child. Before egg donation, this wasn’t possible for same-sex couples. 

Here’s how it works:

To make an embryo, both sperm from the male and an egg from a female must be present. In the case of a same-sex male couple, there is lots of sperm — they just need the egg. This is where the egg donor comes in. 

An egg donor is a woman who graciously donated her eggs for the gay couple. The couple can then use her eggs and their sperm to make an embryo. 

The embryo is then placed in a surrogate mother to carry the baby until birth. Because of egg donation, the fathers can be genetically linked to their child.

Things to Consider

Before a same-sex couple goes down the egg donor road, there are a few things they need to discuss. 

Financial Issues

Unfortunately, egg donation can be expensive. It can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $30,000 per cycle. 

This money covers a variety of expenses, such as agency fees, donor compensation, travel expenses, legal fees, and medical costs. Insurance does not cover any costs associated with egg donation. 

At Elevate Egg Donor Agency, we understand the financial burden this can put on most couples. That’s why we offer a guaranteed package. Our guaranteed package ensures that after all costs are paid, you’re guaranteed to have some viable embryos. This guarantee package allows our intended parents to have peace of mind through the egg donation process.

Legal Issues

In the early days of egg donation and surrogacy, there were a few legal battles regarding the baby and who had parental rights. Because of these lawsuits, Elevate Egg Donor Agency takes the legal side very seriously.

The first thing we do in the egg donor process is to make sure legal contracts are in place. These contracts protect the rights of every party involved. They ensure the parental rights of the intended parents and release the egg donor of any parental rights. 

We make sure everyone involved in each case is on the same page. 


“What sperm should we use?”

When it comes to gay couples, this is a question we get a lot. Only sperm from one man can be used to fertilize an egg. Here’s how we solve that issue:

  1. We first get all of the clients genetically tested. We look for any genetic irregularities that could be passed onto the child. If your sperm and the women’s egg have the same genetic disorders, they should not be matched to make an embryo. If this is the case, then only one of the father’s sperm will be used. 

  2. If both men have healthy sperm, we suggest using both to make more than one embryo. This way, if the couples choose, they can have more than one child that share the same biological mother. And both fathers can have at least one biological child.


Timing is everything. Decide together when you’d like to start a family. The egg donation process and the surrogate process do take a considerable amount of time. You’d need to start at least a year before you want your child to be born. 

If you aren’t entirely sure about when you want a child, another option is to freeze the eggs. You can go through the egg donation process and then freeze the embryos to use in the future.

When you’re ready for a family, you’ll need to find a surrogate, implant the embryo, and in nine months you’ll have a beautiful baby.

Now is the Time for Same-Sex Couples

There has never been a better time for same-sex couples to start a family. There are so many people and resources who want to help you along the way. 

Call today and let’s get started.


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