What is the Success Rate of Pregnancy When Using Donor Eggs?

Years of trying. Countless doctor appointments. Tens of thousands of dollars. So many disappointments and heartache. All for one thing: a baby.

You’ve turned to egg donation and surrogacy to build your family. Now you want to know what your chances are of having a baby in your arms.

When talking about pregnancy success rates with donor eggs, there are two factors we need to consider: egg donation success rates, and surrogacy success rates.

Let’s break it down.

Egg donation Success Rates

The average rate for egg donations resulting in a live birth is about 55-65%. That being said, there are a lot of different factors that go into the success rates of egg donation. 

The chance of an egg donor producing viable embryos is about 80%, the chance the embryos will be implanted correctly is about 75%, and the chance of a clinical pregnancy is about 65%.

Egg Donation Process

Choosing a physically and mentally healthy egg donor is essential when considering success rates. While it may be convenient to select an egg donor you know personally, it’s not always the best idea when considering egg donation success rates. We will always recommend going through a reputable egg donor agency to find an egg donor. 

Egg donor agencies offer egg donors who have gone through extensive testing and have met all the highest standards. These tests include both medical and psychological evaluations. You can be sure that the donors at Elevate Egg Donor Agency have the best chance of providing healthy eggs for your family. 

Factors that Affect Egg Donor Success Rates

Some crucial factors will affect the success rate of egg donation.

Genetic Testing

Various genetic factors can affect the quality of the donor’s eggs. We do genetic testing on all of our egg and sperm donors. We make sure no critical genetic disorders are present that could cause miscarriage or other medical issues.


Age is a significant factor when considering egg donation. We only recommend using donor eggs of women who are between the ages of 20 and 30. As a woman ages, her egg count will decline.

A woman in her 40s only has a 2% chance of having a baby using her eggs. Whereas using donor eggs from a woman in her 20s, the success rate soars past 70%.

IVF Clinic

It’s also important to note that there’s a significant difference in success rates between IVF clinics. Clinics that have better success rates have better equipment, more experienced doctors, and safer methods for success. 

When planning for your future family, intended parents need to know the IVF clinic can make a difference in the success rates of using a donor egg.

What Are Surrogacy Success Rates?

Once intended parents have their embryos, they need to start thinking about the next step in getting a baby, and that’s surrogacy. 

A surrogate is a woman who will carry the baby through the pregnancy. Surrogacy success rates are not are simple as they may seem. There are a lot of factors, and many government agencies and clinics repost statistics differently, or sometimes not at all. 

But, we’ll do our best to read between the lines when it comes to surrogacy success rates.

Factors That Affect Surrogacy Success Rates

In the United States, surrogacy success rates are very high. Once the surrogate has become pregnant, there’s a 95% chance of a healthy birth. 

The critical factors come into play before the surrogate gets a positive pregnancy test. Factors such as the quality of eggs from a donor and using either fresh or frozen embryos will influences whether or not a surrogate can carry the baby full term. 

How Does Surrogacy Selection Work?

Like egg donors, surrogates also meet specific criteria. All potential surrogates must have given birth successfully at least one time before. 

Age is not as important of a factor in surrogate mothers. Many women can carry a baby well into their forties as long as a donor egg is used. 

When intended parents look for a surrogate, we encourage them to look for a woman who lives a healthy lifestyle, can keep appointments, and is willing to communicate with the intended parents throughout the pregnancy. 

We’ll Help You Be Successful

We get it. Getting the family you want takes a lot of time, patience, and money. It’s only natural that you want to know how high your chances are of actually having a baby at the end of the road. 

We can promise you that we will do everything we can to give you the best possible chances for success. We will help you find the best donor with the best eggs, set you up with the best clinics, and find a surrogate who can carry your baby full term. 

So don’t hesitate to contact us. The first step in having a successful pregnancy is to sign with Elevate Egg Donor Agency today.


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