What Are My Egg Donor’s Motives For Helping Me?

After deciding to build your family with the help of an egg donor, you may have lingering questions. You’re elated to have found the perfect match. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and gifted. You’re eternally grateful for her generosity. Her gift will put you one step closer to finally actualizing your vision of becoming a parent.

But what is she getting out of it? What exactly are your egg donor’s motives?

Determining an Egg Donor’s Motives

At Elevate, we work with an elite set of donors—wonderful women who know they have something to offer to people who just can’t do it alone. 

Our donors are well-compensated because of the value we place on who they are and their commitment to helping grow families.  However, our donors are not financially motivated and we know that because we care to ask. 

Throughout our rigorous application process, donors discuss with us multiple times what motivated them to become an egg donor. And unsurprisingly, we see commonalities in many of the women who we accept as donors at Elevate

Personal Connection to Fertility Struggles

By far and away, the most common motivator for our donors is a personal connection to someone who has struggled to build their family alone. Once witnessing the heartache of friends or loved ones, many women are inspired to give back in any way they can.

Sense of Duty to Give Back

Some donors describe the motivation to become an egg donor as a natural calling or duty to give back. They know they have something to offer that others are desperate for. If giving benefits others– why wouldn’t they?

Natural Caretakers

This call to give extends into other areas of many donor’s lives. Some women work for charities or are in other caring professions such as education or nursing. Other’s might also be frequent blood donors or on the bone marrow registry. They deeply enjoy the intrinsic rewards of giving and impacting the lives of those around them.

Gratitude for Their Own Families

Some of our egg donors have already created families of their own. Perhaps their families may even be complete. These donors want to give back what would otherwise go to waste. Even more often, these donors count the parenthood as their life’s blessing and simply want to help others experience that same immeasurable joy.

Learn More About Egg Donation with Elevate

The financial component of egg donation can make a huge impact in the lives of egg donors. Many use their compensation to complete life milestones like continuing their education, paying off student debt, or funding a down payment for their family home.  

But far more than any other motivator, our donors simply want to help. They want to spread joy and leave the world a little better than they found it. And helping you build your family is one small step in that direction.

Have more questions about our donors? We feel passionately about the amazing group of women in our highly-vetted database of egg donors and would love to help you find your perfect fit.


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