9 Reasons People Choose Surrogates to Grow A Family

Gestational surrogacy has become an increasingly popular option for people around the world to actualize their dream of becoming parents.  With advancements in in vitro fertilization (IVF), gestational surrogacy has become the go-to, safe option for families seeking a biological child.

Unlike in traditional surrogacy, which is rarely practiced anymore, gestational carriers are not genetically tied to the child they are carrying. This makes it a fantastic option for many aspiring parents who may not be able to carry a child themselves for a variety of reasons.

Understanding the Popular Reasons for Seeking a Gestational Surrogate

Let’s review what a few of the most popular reasons for seeking a gestational surrogate may be.

Same-Sex Couples

Surrogacy can be an excellent avenue through which to conceive a biological child for same-sex male couples. Gay couples select an egg donor who will cycle with their gestational carrier for a fresh embryo transfer. Alternatively, some couples have already found their donor and created embryos. In this situation the surrogate with undergo a frozen embryo transfer.

At Elevate we deeply value the LGBTQ+ community and pride ourselves on being a full-service agency. We can help you from the start of your parenthood journey in selecting an egg donor, all the way through to the birth of your child 9 or so months later via one of our wonderful gestational surrogates.

Single Individuals

Single mothers who cannot conceive or carry on their own will require the help of a gestational surrogate. Additionally, more and more men are choosing to become single fathers through surrogacy. Surrogacy makes parenting a biological child possible for parents with or without a partner.

Infertility Struggles

Oftentimes parents seeking the help of a gestational surrogate have struggled with infertility issues. Some problems may be diagnosed like low sperm count or endometriosis, while others are entirely unexplained. If couples have undergone multiple embryo transfers without success, their doctor may suggest surrogacy as an alternate route to parenthood.

Other Health Issues or Medication

Some health conditions make carrying a pregnancy to term quite dangerous. Individuals with chronic illness may also take medications vital to their health that would not be able to be continued through pregnancy. Conditions like diabetes, heart and kidney disease, or cancer may prompt people to choose a surrogate to carry their baby.


Age plays a vital role for women seeking to achieve and carry a pregnancy. Women who are Advance Maternal Age (AMA) can often become pregnant with the help of fertility treatment, but sometimes they cannot. For these women, a surrogate may be the perfect solution.

Past Trauma

While a life-changing and affirming experience for some, other folks may experience deep emotional and physical trauma during the pregnancy and birth process. Individuals may be struggling with PTSD from a previous birth experience or perhaps know childbirth is not a healthy option for them to begin with. Surrogates are often women who deeply enjoy the pregnancy and birth experience and are happy to help.

Uterine Abnormalities

Some genetic conditions of the uterus make carrying a pregnancy to term difficult or impossible. For these women, along with those who have had a hysterectomy, surrogacy can be the perfect key to open the door to parenthood.

History of Miscarriage and Loss

For some women, initially achieving a pregnancy may not be the issue at all. Those who have experienced multiple losses through miscarriage or stillbirth may turn to a surrogate to help carry their pregnancy to term.

Personal Choice

Surrogacy is a valid option for anyone hoping to become a parent. Beyond the more common reasons like infertility or not having a female partner, people may choose to use a surrogate for a variety of other personal reasons. Pregnancy may be incompatible with a mother’s career or she may hope to pay particular attention to her physique.

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Regardless of your reason for pursuing gestational surrogacy, at Elevate we are confident our team can help you find your perfect gestational carrier match. Don’t delay your dreams of parenthood any longer. Reach out today.


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