Surrogacy for Single Dads

Single parenthood, once stigmatized, has grown to be an increasingly popular choice for individuals ready to start their family now. In particular, the number of single fathers has increased more than eight-fold over the past 60 years, according to a Pew Research Center study.

More than ever, singles are willing to realize their dream of becoming a parent without waiting for a partner to come along. More than ever, there are accessible options to do so.

Through the use of an egg donor and gestational surrogate, single men are able to pursue building their family without a female partner. It has become a popular option for both hetero and gay parents, with celebrities such as Andy Cohen and Andrew Cooper recently opening up about their journey to single parenthood using the surrogacy process.

Understanding the Benefits of Gestational Surrogacy for Single Dads

While other options like fostering and adoption remain viable ways to become a single parent, gestational surrogacy provides a unique opportunity for dads to experience the pregnancy alongside their surrogate and bond early with their newborn baby. For men desiring a biological child, it may feel like a no-brainer.

Benefits of becoming a single dad through surrogacy include:

  • Hand selecting the other half of your child’s genetic link with the use of an egg donor

  • Sharing a biological relationship with your children

  • Not having to wait for a partner

  • Becoming a father on your own timeline

  • Experiencing your child’s pregnancy and birth

  • Bonding early in pregnancy and infancy

  • Parenting on your own terms

Not only are the numbers of single fathers increasing each year, but also research is continuing to expand in support of single parent families. Studies show similar outcomes for children of single mothers and fathers, and society has never been more accepting.

Learn More About Becoming a Parent with Elevate

At Elevate, we welcome both single mothers and fathers hoping to build their families. We can assist you with first creating embryos by utilizing eggs from our elite database of intelligent and beautiful egg donors. Then we will work to match you with your perfect gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy.

In the matter of a year, your whole world could expand.

We would love to talk more about becoming a single father through surrogacy with Elevate. Please contact us to learn more.


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