How Can You Tell if Your Surrogate is Right for You?

Selecting a surrogate can be one of the most intimidating, and yet exciting steps along the path of third-party reproduction. Choosing a woman to safely grow, carry, and bring your child into this world can feel like a monumental task and of course you want to find the perfect match!

How to Consider When a Surrogate is Right for You

For every parent, you will likely already have a list of criteria for your surrogate in mind. When trying to find a surrogate that is right for you, it can be a good idea to shift focus from the idea of a ‘perfect match” to a handful of non-negotiable and negotiable criteria instead. Most parents find that even if they select a surrogate who didn’t check every box on their “perfect match” checklist, she ends up being the perfect carrier for them after all! When creating a list of nonnegotiables, think dispassionately about the most pivotal and controversial choices throughout a surrogacy journey. Agreeing on termination stipulations? Nonnegotiable. Your surrogate’s occupation? Probably negotiable.

How Important is Geographic Location When Choosing a Surrogate?

One selection criterion that has become increasingly easier to work around is geographic location. While some parents still desire a surrogate who is relatively nearby them, most parents recognize that it is still incredibly easy to feel close and connected to the pregnancy, even from far away. Considering the current landscape, where COVID-19 regulations prevent any visitors for most medical appointments and office visits anyways, geographic location is becoming less and less important. Most medical offices have no problem with video calls or recording, and your surrogate will be happy to keep you in the loop as much as possible throughout the pregnancy.

Learn More About How To Choose The Right Surrogate with Elevate

When selecting a surrogate who is right for you, we suggest you most focus on termination decisions, number of embryos to be transferred, and communication preferences. Parents and surrogates alike often share that they are hoping for that “click” feeling. Come to your match meeting with an open mind and consider your negotiables versus nonnegotiables—the “click” is rather inevitable! Want to learn more about our highly-qualified surrogates? We’d love to speak with you today!


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