Supporting Your Partner When Using Third-Party Reproduction

Choosing third-party reproduction may not have been in your family’s original plans. In fact, unless you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, you likely never expected this to be the route you would take to build your family. Choosing a donor and/or surrogate and walking the journey together of starting your family can put extra strain on a couple. However, with a little honed attention to your partner’s needs during this time, it can be an experience that deeply bonds you together. Here are some ways to support your partner when using third-party reproduction

Keep Communicating

Being able to discuss your needs, desires, hopes, and fears with a partner is a key component of any healthy relationship. When utilizing third-party reproduction, communication is even more important. Make sure your partner feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, concerns, and honest reactions to any new step in the journey along the way. Sharing your own truth is important as well and will help your partner feel even more comfortable to do so themselves.

Be Open to Compromise and Change

When using third-party reproduction, it is incredibly important to keep an open mind. There may be unforeseen steps or changes along the way. Perhaps you and your partner disagree on what egg donor to select or are presented with the choice to change fertility clinics. Keep an ear out for your partner’s priorities and concerns and weigh them evenly with yours in every conversation. Being open to change or compromise will help the process go more smoothly and put your partner at ease.

Focus on Your Relationship

Perhaps most importantly, do not forget why you started this journey in the first place—your love for each other! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process of egg donation or surrogacy, shift focus back to your own relationship. Put on your own oxygen masks first! Keeping the focus on a healthy, strong relationship with your partner puts things into perspective. Never forget that what a baby most needs is a happy, healthy foundation at home.

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