Why Canadians Are Coming to the US to Find Egg Donors

International parents often look abroad for more favorable options in creating their families. Because the United States offers generally supportive fertility laws, safe medical care, and allows for surrogates and egg donors to be compensated, it can be a great option for families hoping to expand. Many Canadian citizens have found themselves in a similar situation.

What You Need to Know If You’re a Canadian Seeking Egg Donation in the U.S.

Egg donors and surrogates in Canada must be altruistic. This means they are not allowed to receive any compensation for their time and commitment to the process. Since 2004, when Canada began to criminalize compensation for egg and sperm donors, donation centers have nearly all closed their doors, and donors are seeking other options to help build families.

The Canadian government claims these laws were put into effect to help avoid the exploitation of young men and women who were only seeking income. However, in the United States, most people view compensating egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates as a token of gratitude for the participant’s time and investment, as well as appreciation for the potential risks they are taking on to help another person.

Is Selecting an American Egg Donor Right for Me If I’m Canadian?

Given that the number of donors in Canada has plummeted in recent years, families looking for specific traits or different racial backgrounds can find the donor search process nearly impossible. Because of this, more and more Canadian intended parents have been turning to the United States when selecting a qualified egg donor.

At Elevate, we are happy to bring on a wide variety of donors. We value the intelligent, beautiful women we are fortunate enough to work with and compensate them accordingly. We also screen donors to ensure they are intrinsically motivated. Each of our donors cannot wait to help give back the gifts that have been given to them and help bring you the joy of parenthood.

Learn More About Finding an Egg Donor in the United States at Elevate

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